American Sniper


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Raoul Duke 1 / 10

Anyone remembers Nazi Sniper from "Inglourious Basterds"?

Let me start by saying that "American Sniper" has portrayed the true face of Americas great brainwashing weapon called "Hollywood".

As in the movie "Inglourious Basterds" where Dr Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, has been given a right to direct a movie for Fuhrer himself, a national pride performance which depicts a war hero, German Sniper killing 300 "enemies" in three days. Now switch the roles with Clint Eastwood as a director, Fuhrer as a Americas high elite of nowadays, and Nazi Sniper as an American Sniper Chris Kyle.

A big irony this movie is, and as such it shows how much effort will American Movie Industry give in order to brainwash its own people.


Reviewed by S K 1 / 10

Unsettling American propaganda that exemplifies everything that is wrong with our concept of the American hero.

I rated this movie a 1 star not because it wasn't entertaining or wasn't cinematically compelling. I rated this movie one star because the message this movie delivers is ignorantly backwards. Throughout this film, we watch (in vivid detail) as Chris Kyle assassinates hundreds of Iraqi men, women, and even children in order to protect American troops. And yet, this movie ends a memorial. I understand that Chris Kyle did his job well. But that does not mean he should be honored as a hero.

I love the United States. This is an amazing country. And so it bothers me when Hollywood portrays an American hero as someone who is willing to kill people without critically evaluating why they should be killed, who sees war as purely good versus evil, and who is hopelessly blind to the bigger picture.

If there is ever to be peace in this world - heck, if we want to protect the US - we need to glorify people who are compassionate, who can put themselves in other people's shoes, and who act in ways that promote trust and love - instead of fueling the cycle of anger and hate.

Go see this movie. But please don't swallow it up without thinking first.

Reviewed by David Cervi 1 / 10

Good ol'Murican propaganda

When American Sniper first came out I ignored the film thinking that it was the usual war propaganda Hollywood delivers once a year.

After it received a couple of Oscar nominations I got a little curious and decided to go watch it. I am a big of Clint Eastwood and appreciate most of his work as a director, I am aware of his right-wing views and as I sat down in the theatre I was expecting a very patriotic story on the war in the Middle East.

But what I got was 2 hours of pure biased war propaganda. The story is supposed to be about a war hero, but what we get is a ruthless southern who kills "bad guys" because he saw some terrorist attacks against his country on TV. Not once are the his intentions questioned by either the character himself or others. The entire film just follows a one-track minded perspective on a "just" war. There is no morale to the story, there are no grey areas where the viewer is allowed to have an opinion and decide for himself what is right and what is wrong.

Now if this was satire, it would have been brilliant. The story of a redneck cowboy who after seeing some footage on TV about terrorist attacks decides he needs to protect his country by enrolling in the Navy and killing 150 people over 5000 miles away from where he lives, and without the slightest hesitation. But unfortunately it was not.

It is actually quite sad to see how low American cinema has stooped. The fact that people might actually believe this crap (and most Americans do) makes me lose hope for the future of a once great country.

There was a time when Hollywood war movies raised important questions on the righteousness of war (such as Full Metal Jacket, Thin Red Line, Apocalypse Now) where the viewer was given the clear picture that all war, justified or unjustified, is wrong.

Nowadays most war movies are just commercials to get the American public behind the idea that invading a foreign country is a God given right.

The fact that it got nominated for the Academy Award just shows how much a once acclaimed award is quickly becoming a pat on the shoulder to the most politically correct motion picture of the year.

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