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Denise Richards as Amanda Tyler
Bruce Dern as Richard Morton
Emma Rigby as Olivia Rose
Columbus Short as Ben Woods
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by screechy_jim 4 / 10

Inappropriately named, entertainingly under performs.

When I see a movie with at title that begins 'American' I usually expect to be in for a bit of a treat. I think the makers of this one cottoned on to that and tried to hitch a ride on that bandwagon of success... which is unfortunate because this is really a dull melodramatic attempt at highlighting the issues of the death penalty, which it does very poorly indeed.

I'm not an American, I don't live in a country that has the death penalty, but if I did, I would be wholly appalled that this film tried to deal with such a serious issue in such a haphazard manner. The idea is good but the execution is beyond poor. The acting is terrible and the direction is several orders of magnitude worse. The pacing is wrong the plot is unbelievable and cinematography is dire. I'm not one of those people that says "worst picture I ever watched" or anything stupid like that, as it isn't; not by a long way, but it is still pretty bad in its own right.

The unfortunate thing about this movie is I got the impression that the parties involved, who wanted to bring the issue of 'the death penalty' to light, forgot that they were making a movie to do it. It becomes blatantly obvious by the end of the film (and I'm being totally objective as initially I knew nothing about this film nor what it was about) that this is the sole purpose for its existence, and whilst they may have had good intentions in doing so, a 'political rally' or 'petition' would probably have been a better use of their time.

I'm only surprised that I managed to see it through to the end. I maintained hope through most of the viewing, but buy the time I was 2/3rds through I knew the jig was up. Unfortunately I had already declined the trip to Ikea and had no other real options.

I'm not going to go into detail about the specifics as it isn't really worth it. I'll simply say not worth seeing and leave it at that.

Reviewed by albertobalsam-45316 1 / 10

Oh Dear, what a crock of SHI?

It starts off in a mediocre sort of way, then it slides faster than turd down the drainpipe.

I managed about half way before having to turn this shitfest of a movie off.

Bruce Dern is in it for about 30 seconds at the beginning, getting stabbed. Not sure if he reappears, I couldn't stick with this trash long enough to find out.

The action scenes are terrible, the acting is atrocious, the script is swamp filth, the characters are dog bile, there really is nothing redeeming about this piece of rubbish.

Do yourself a favour and give it a complete miss!

Reviewed by David Ferguson ([email protected]) 3 / 10


Greetings again from the darkness. Making a political statement is nothing new for movies; however, if a filmmaker takes a stance on a controversial issue, the final product needs to be insightful and compelling in order to make a difference. Seemingly intent on making a mockery of the Death Penalty, director Timothy Woodward Jr delivers little more than a B-movie with a hyper-serious tone, but a script that is at times laughably off the mark.

Even before the opening credits roll, we get our first brutal murder … just moments after persnickety Bruce Dern belittles his wife over the sandwich she made for him. Next up, Dr. Amanda Tyler (Denise Richards) is being asked by the Assistant District Attorney to consult on the case of a death row inmate, to determine if a stay of execution should be granted. See, Dr. Tyler is a criminal psychologist. Yes, she's played by Denise Richards. If this causes you frightening flashbacks to Ms. Richards' role as a physicist in The World is Not Enough, then you begin to have some idea what this movie is like.

The inmate is Jackson Shea (a formidable Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau) and as he tells his life story, we are provided scenes that explain how he got to this point. It's a pretty interesting backstory starting with sleazy Uncle Mike, an alcoholic mother, and a seemingly endless array of circumstance that might have formed the basis of a better movie. You will note many familiar faces along the way: Michael Pare as Shea's partner, Patrick Kilpatrick as a criminal kingpin, Johnny Messner as a fellow criminal, and Emma Rigby as Shea's love interest. For you football fans, you'll likely reminisce about Brian Boswell when you witness Rob Gronkowski as a gun-toting bodyguard.

All of this could have been good criminal fun if we weren't being incessantly slapped upside the head with the anti-Death Penalty message … how trading death for death isn't appropriate, and for tilting the scales to show how criminals are basically good guys who accidentally end up in a bad spot thanks to a broken system and culture of violence. It's all a bit too heavy-handed and self-righteous, taking away some of the joy in chuckling at Ms. Richards playing it straight as an intellectual idealist.

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