American Virgin


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Jenna Dewan Tatum as Priscilla
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Reviewed by tyler-and-jack 6 / 10

Chicks Go Crazy but one girl just can't bare it.

It's always worrying when you come along to IMDb to review a movie you didn't think was all that bad and then see a bunch of damning reviews/messages from people claiming that it was the worst thing that they'd ever seen.

American Virgin is a lowbrow teen sex comedy and that's all it is. But, from that perspective, it's actually quite a good one.

Young Priscilla (Jenna Dewan) is a sexually abstinent, non-swearing woman of purity who is able to attend college thanks to her scholarship from an organisation that promotes celibacy. Her new roommate is the decidedly impure Naz (Brianne Davis). During a wild party that involves the main man behind the hugely popular "Chicks Go Crazy" series (Rob Schneider) Priscilla is persuaded by Naz to stay and have some jello. The jello is tasty enough but the vodka in it alters the teetotal Priscilla into a wild party girl and the rest of the movie sees her trying to recover the footage of her outrageous behaviour. Naz is determined to help her, as is both Kevin (Elan Moss-Bachrach) and the smitten Chuck (Chase Ryan Jeffery).

American Virgin doesn't have any real big stars in there (with the exception of Schneider who, love him or loathe him, is at least relatively well-known) and it certainly doesn't have a massive budget but it compensates for these things with a number of decent laughs and plenty of moments featuring women baring their breasts to feature in a "Chicks Go Crazy" release. Jenna Dewan is appealing enough in the central role while everyone else also does fine. Ashley Schneider (no relation to Rob, as far as I'm aware) has a small but fun role as an overbearing girlfriend and Bo Burnham does well with his limited screen time.

It's more than one or two notches below the likes of American Pie and The 40-Year-Old Virgin but Jeff Seeman's script and Clare Kilner's direction both stay just far enough above average to make this worth a watch if you're bored and happen to come across it.

Reviewed by stephengraley 6 / 10

Another teen sex Comedy

Yeah okay there are too many teen sex comedy's out there started with American Pie but this is likable. Its not as bad as many of the reviews in IMDb so far. The story is around a girl who gets a college scholarship based on her beliefs to abstain from sex until married. The organisation pays for her scholarship and sends her to college where she gets the room mate from Hell and then everything goes wrong for her then on.

It is basic stuff with no real twists and turns but you do laugh and thats what a comedy is supposed to do. The characters are all likable and believe it or not some of the scenes are like real life. The possessive Girlfriend who rings every 5 minutes when you are away is my favourite.

I would comment that the film was probably aimed at a younger audience as it had the feel of a family film but there was a lot of nudity so i am not really sure what age group this was aimed at. The main point though is it made me laugh so i enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Don Alex 4 / 10

It was OK, not terrible.

OK, so i borrowed this movie from a buddy, and watched it by myself. I wasn't expecting much when i started it.. And i didn't get much. Just lots of boobies. But that has to be the only good thing about this movie. There is hardly any plot for it. And what little there is just dissolves towards the end of the movie.

As for the acting.. It's not great.. but watchable. It's a real shame that Rob Schneider is doing movies like this now.

But anyway, if you just want a movie with a large amount of nudity in it, then just watch this.

I Give it a 2* out of 5*



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