America's Most Haunted


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Great to see James Karen again

AMERICA'S MOST HAUNTED is a fun spoof of the whole 'paranormal TV show' genre of reality filmmaking so popular in America. It's an overworked genre and this indie is too cheap to really impress, but it's better than I was expecting regardless. The story is about a crew called in to a creepy old location by the caretaker, played by a cameoing James Karen. Karen is a fine actor of his day (check him out in POLTERGEIST and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) so it was a pleasure to see him cast here and he really is the best thing in the movie. The rest of the actors are quite unappealing and the humour isn't really all that funny, but it could be worse.

Reviewed by Dan_Cheadle 3 / 10

Started out somewhat amusing but quickly fell down cliché central

I thought this was gonna be a found footage movie, it's not.

There is SOME footage that are meant to be captured from the characters in the film but 85% or more are 'normal' footage, just thought I'd point that out so you know that that is not the case.

It starts off as sort of a satire of ghost hunting shows, 'GHOST ADVENTURES' in particular, they even use the same script for the intro and stuff as them.

Plotwise it's very similar to 'GRAVE ENCOUNTERS (2011)' which also started out with making fun of these kind of shows, just to turn spooky and creepy for real.

Where as in this one, they try but it never really actually gets scary or anything and the jokes start falling flat pretty early on and the acting is a bit amateurish over all as is the whole film production.

It simply doesn't have close enough of substance to fill up the 90 minutes of screen time.

So yeah I recommend 'GRAVE ENCOUNTERS (2011)' instead, it succeeds where this movie does not.

Reviewed by jackstupidjack 7 / 10

Enjoyable little parody of those paranormal shows

What a pleasant surprise this little film was. A nice, well acted horror/comedy even with one or two good (if mild) jumpy/spooky moments. The acting is of a good quality well carried off by the cast. After some of the incredible nonsense I've seen of late, this came as a real breath of fresh air. Most of all I'd say it is a clever, subtle parody of the many nonsensical 'Ghost Hunters'type shows which infest the airwaves yet prove nothing. The over all premise is that of a crew of vain, arrogant paranormal TV researchers who are shameless fakers and disbelievers who find themselves in a really haunted location with no idea how to deal with their situation. A fine piece of work from all involved.

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