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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scrat242 8 / 10

This is the 'Red Dawn' of the 21st Century

With the budget and feel of a Hallmark after-school special from a parallel universe, this movie delivers to anyone familiar with most New World Order (NWO) conspiracy theories. I could lay out some inconsistencies in the plot but I don't want to give out any spoilers. Let me just say, it's all here: U.N. takeover of the US, EMP bombs, US Presidential\Political sellouts, Constitutional and 2nd Amendment flag waving, whistleblowers, you name it, it's mentioned. Curiously and refreshingly, there is no racist or anti-Muslim themes.

Preppers guides, Faraday cages, Ham radios, home power generators, John Deere products and a still in your new hilltop stone fortress of a house will all be on your shopping list after watching this movie.

The acting, as you can imagine, is about as wooden as a Hallmark after-school movie as well but they deliver the lines they need to keep the movie going. The 'battle at the Texas compound' and 'helicopter showdown' stretches the imagination a bit too but the girls are hot ...just saying.

Lastly, this did have the feeling of a pilot for a future series or at least a part 2.

Reviewed by mjpetty7 5 / 10

A Good Story, An Important Message, So Much Potential

So here's the thing, I'm a film major, I'm trained to look at film a certain way. I look at each shot composition, each character action, line of dialogue, and each acting performance. On the other hand, I'm also someone who believes most if not all that this film is showing us. So I really wanted this film to be good and really wanted it to work, and overall, it did it's best.

In terms of story, I think AmeriGeddon is actually a pretty solid film. In a similar fashion to both the original and latest Red Dawn films, AmeriGeddon follows the fall of America as a nation due to a strategic attack on America and following this attack foreign troops arrive to "keep the peace". Due to my love for Red Dawn, I honestly had a lot of hope in this movie. However, both versions of Red Dawn I thought were executed better. Nevertheless, AmeriGeddon's plot is actually pretty good! Between the conflicted soldier, the troubled teen, their love story, the politician seeing what's going on around him, and everyone else, I thought, at least on paper, the film worked pretty well.

This brings me to my criticisms, and I by no means mean to be harsh because I understand the importance of films like AmeriGeddon being made and seen by American citizens, however I believe they could have done much better and I don't believe it's a budget issue. I believe there are two primary reasons AmeriGeddon was not as good as it could have or should have been: too much expositional dialogue and sub-par acting.

Let's talk dialogue first. One of the first things you learn in any basic scriptwriting course is to "show don't tell". AmeriGeddon's dialogue, though informative, is unfortunately way too on-the-nose and/or expositional. Between constantly using the words "New World Order" and character's spewing out statistics and phrases like something out of a Survivor's Manual, the screenwriter in me was cringing at times watching this film.

The other biggest issue with AmeriGeddon is the acting. Now, I don't want to give the impression that all the acting was bad, because it wasn't, but unfortunately there were certain character's whose acting fell flat, and sadly I believe this is a direct correlation between the dialogue and the performances.

All-in-all, I am definitely happy to see this film made and that people are actually excited about a film like AmeriGeddon. Do I wish the quality of the film were better? Absolutely, this film should've been as good and intense as the 2012 Red Dawn remake as I referenced earlier, but nevertheless AmeriGeddon is a must see for those who are interested in where America is headed, and if you're a cinephile like myself then I would maybe suggest a different popcorn flick to watch on a Saturday night.

Reviewed by agortiztmti 1 / 10

Terrible times infinite!!!

I watched this movie with much anticipation for its release and I am very disappointed as the movie has terrible acting and bad action scenes and I wish to never see it again. The story line is unrealistic and flawed compared to a real-life disaster movie. The movie looks like it was created on a farm with cell phone recording and cheap equipment.

I usually have a great attention span in movies but this movie made me so bored all I could think about was how much longer till its over and how I wanted my money back and how I really did not want to go through the hassle of a refund or how I could get some laughs by having a friend watch this movie by telling him or her that is was great and anticipating their phone call telling me that I got them with some laughs. Do yourself a favor and stay away from watching this movie and the trailer is all you need to watch and best of all its free.

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