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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slhma 1 / 10

Limbaugh on acid

Imagine Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh,Glen Beck get together to bate-master and come up with Amerigeddon! They hire drunks off the street in Mississippi and anywhere deep south to star in this fantasy film. What is most tragic is their are human beings out there who eat this garbage up for dinner and poop out fear and paranoia.No one in their sane mind would think the US is a victim.. it is like saying Gaza rises up and eats Israelis into oblivion. Its just not gonna happen.This a low budget,propaganda right wing fantasy

only inbreeds from the south will enjoy.Everyone deserves their share of entertainment so I don't begrudge them their delight in believing poor free and ethical USA is threatened by

the rest of the big bad evil

Reviewed by Dottie2369 10 / 10

It's possible

Movie plot is a possible scenario. It could happen. I have seen other reviews and they say it is for morons. Take it from an outsider, it's not for morons - it could become true. Watch enough documentaries and you will see where they got their inspiration from. It's not paranoia at all ! I mean, look around you and see what the rest of the world thinks about America. Many people would like to see America burn. For Christ's sake you don't have to watch any documentaries you just have to look around you : what's with all the crazies all of a sudden? Who shoot schools and blame it on the guns ? Instead of blaming it on their insanity? I just wanted to balance things a bit - too many NEGATIVE reviews on this movie ! What's the world coming to?

Reviewed by pamyers-90771 2 / 10

Hurtful try at being entertainingly informative

Amerigeddon the movie has quite possibly done more damage to furthering the discussion of a runaway government and the impacts of it than anything else in its cinematic attempt. This is an example of good intentions gone sideways and at worst just another rich guy making a "B" movie to get his face on the big screen.

Using the "EMP" doomsday approach to make a movie narrative is understandable. Making an over dramatic, choppy, and under developed story line film that my friends wanted to walk out of is bull headed irresponsibility.

The movie itself started out with plausible and believable scenes in the first few minutes that quickly get over shadowed by bad music, 1980's sound effects at "key" moments, and acting that would make a high school drama teacher throw their glasses in disgust at. While it didn't have to be cutting edge graphics or sounds track quality, it does have to be fully watchable. It isn't. It is painful to sit all the way through. The end battle was worse than an old scene from the 80's A-Team TV show.

For those people that have been in the military, or follow world events from an anti-globalist perspective, this movie lets you walk out of the theater having to apologize for the horrible creation the people that went with them just saw. There is no plausible transition to a realistic conversation about politics, individual preparedness, or faith at the end of this film.

I am terribly disappointed and embarrassed by this attempt at informing or at least sparking the interest in people who don't take these kinds of things seriously.

From someone who wanted an A plus movie it is clearly an F minus effort.

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