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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Steph Claire 9 / 10

Beautiful nature and story

This is a great film filled with beauty, complex relationships, and emotions. In my opinion, the striking cinematography and Idaho nature is what separated this film from others about dysfunctional families. I also think the raven motif carries the plot along well, especially as the ravens are related to the characters and their relationships with one another. Johnny Sequoyah's character, Joey, really stands out! She is incredibly strong throughout the movie, and her narration keeps the storyline tied together nicely. Chad, played by Will McCormack, is the other character I was drawn to. His unexpected friendship with Joey is endearing, especially as we notice that they are both outsiders observing the family vacation. Tons of great performances, I definitely recommend this film. It really does avoid clichés, and the ending is not at all predictable.

Reviewed by Mike Rogers 10 / 10

A beautifully made and moving film.

This film establishes Johnny Sequoyah as an up and coming big, big star. The script is unbelievably tight and each scene is just utter perfection. It's phenomenally well acted and produced, and the soundtrack is spot on. When they cut to Jason Isbell's God Damn Lonely Love in the bar scene I almost started clapping. And I was alone. The story itself is just great - it's tragic and beautiful and very funny. Shot entirely in Idaho, mostly in the resort town of McCall, it's visually stunning to say the least. The smoke from the ongoing forest fire seems to add the message that everything can burn, and there are relationships on fire in many different ways in this film. The ending leaves you wondering if "Joey" is Herman Hesse's Damian and you've just witnessed her coming of age. It's utterly fantastic!

Reviewed by tfmiltz 10 / 10

Will leave you speechless, literally - a rare mirror into the soul

Well, it's been 15 minutes since the movie ended and I can not speak. Literally, my throat is closed.

The writer(s), director(s), and actors all reached new territories I wager.

I had no idea what the movie was about before watching it. The opening scene is breathtaking, however, diving into these peoples lives is breathtaking.

What a surprise - WHAT a surprise, no - not any scene in the movie, the entire ride.

The STRANGEST thing that happened to me watching this movie was I said to my wife about 1/2 way through when I started wondering where it's going, how things might turn out - I go "well honey, I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a Blair Witch" - no kidding, she looks up the actors and finds out one of the main actors? was from... Blair Witch.


I think the movie pivots around Joey and Chad in so many ways.

However, there IS a scene with Saul and Chad - when Saul goes "You tell ME what it's about" heads interlocked, I found genuinely moving.

random fact my wife looked up - Joey's REAL father in life ? IS Saul - he real father in this movie (no worry, that's not a spoiler, just an overlap from real life to this movie).

I really do have to despise 'provider dad' but not to the point I will let his character interfere with his future endeavors - I look forward to more offerings from everyone in this movie.

I will be watching it again, likely in a year or two or three just to revisit some of the delicate messages our Messiah Chad brings forth (again, that's no spoiler, I just chose to enshrine Chad in role of Messiah here - something unworldly about him - in a very good way).

I STILL can't talk - it feels like I have a baseball in my throat.

Do watch this when you have time to not think about a care in the world- no kidding, you will find EVERY care in the world by the time you are done. That way it will have full impact on you.

I could say this movie placed Chad in a complex Messiah like role, however, I could also say this movie is a coming of age story...

HOWEVER, I must be clear, it is a coming of age movie for anyone who sees it.

I just wonder if Blair Witch guy hooks up with the Jeweler and does Saul hook up with - oh wait - nope - that's not gonna happen now is it - or ghost man leaves 'not gonna be that mans vessel' woman.

I said to my wife is that Reese? Witherspoon, she goes no - remember Ratrace and I kept referring to her as my 5 bucks back lady.

Names are not important to me - I respect every actor in this movie, this kind of movie comes along RARELY.

I could only wish it was 3 hours long, instead of nearly 2, sure would have beat that Hobbit escapism trash that ran 3 hours, and how much of Sam and Bilbo can you really take with that pesky golemn.

By the way- FAVORITE scene in this movie for me is 4th of July parade - Chad lets himself join this world in entirety for a few moments, and then - that damned bird shows up in the sky to take him back- high above - far away - far FAR away where he always was - looking down. Indeed Chad brings a strong Messiah element here.

WATCH THIS MOVIE. heh. Be touched. Chad would want you to ! :)

I could only suggest one improvement to this movie- similar to Jerzy Kosinski's 'Being There' - in the movie vs the book ? One of the two has 'Chance' end scene - WALKING on the water, EASILY the Messiah element - or otherwordly element is there. I could only wish that as all watched from shore - Chad would have gotten up and walked on the water.

No real spoiler there, but I HAD to include that because it would have taken me over the top had it been in there.

One MORE tidbit - just watched an interview with Johnny Redwood Tree - she said her parents wrote her a part INTO this movie - has to be a very unique family experience there heh. "My parents are taking me to get the roller-coaster park this summer - what are you parents doing? oh? My parents are making a movie and they put me in it" heh... Too much in a good way.

Tim Miltz

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