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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zif ofoz 4 / 10

An actors blue plate special

An artsy fartsy attempt at 'film making' and acting. Unfortunately it is mostly 'fartsy imagery and actors at playtime' wrapped around a thread bare story or rather plot as there really isn't a story to be found.

So here's the deal - four beautifully young people, two girls and two boys, escape to the English countryside to live together in an 'open relationship' type arrangement. There are sure to be bruised ego's and they are too young to realize this. But they get a fair warning from one of the girls ex-boyfriend who shows up to hopefully convince her to leave with him because he can see the dead end to this life style. She doesn't leave. Plus it's interesting that a pudgy ugly guy was cast as the realist while the idealist dreamers are quite lovely to see.

By movies end you will be quite bored with these four shenanigans and touchy feely daily life style. They are pretty to see but the viewer is left with an empty plot and no direction. Then it's over. Pretty much a 'so-what big-deal' flick that will keep you marginally entertained.

Reviewed by euroGary 8 / 10

Curiously relaxing

Seen at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014. 'Hide and Seek' has a simple story: Leah, a young woman unsure of what she wants from life, inherits an isolated cottage in the country. She invites three other youngsters - a woman and two men - to move in with her on the understanding a different combination - female/male, female/female and male/male - will share what they call the 'marital bed' each night. In between bouts in the bed they while away the hours lazing in the garden or staging evening 'entertainments' (art class, a pretend camping trip, mock funeral etc).

And that's it, really; there's not much sign of a conventional storyline here, although the film does have a beginning, middle and end. Director Joanna Coates keeps the pace constant, if slow; and pulls off the difficult trick of making the sex scenes reasonably explicit but also rather discrete (a vigorous five-finger shuffle aside). (Incidentally, don't get the wrong idea - there aren't so many sex scenes, and they're all pretty brief - this isn't soft porn.) The four young leads - none of whom are drop-dead gorgeous, which adds to the realism of the piece, although none of them looks bad naked - cope well enough with their roles, although for me acting honours go to Hannah Arterton as the girl who breaks a romance of five years to join the group; she utilises a range of facial ticks which on another actor might have seemed too much like Acting - Arterton, however, makes them quite natural.

Reviewed by spaceman88 6 / 10

A somewhat interesting tenderness

"Hide and Seek" is a tale of 4 young adults, who chose to move to the countryside, live in nature, share everything, be perfectly equal and free.

The two boys and two girls find innocent ways of entertaining each other and making the weeks pass, as if they want to reduce life to an infinite melancholic childhood experience.

This concept of pure escapism also involves the protagonists loving each other equally. The movie does not hold back on displaying sex and sexuality and it requires an open mind to appreciate it.

"Hide and Seek" is certainly no commercial entertainment and the narrative as it is makes it feel more like an art project than a fictional movie, but for a first-length feature the director show her talent and the brave performances of the cast are impressive.

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