An Eye for an Eye


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

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Christopher Lee as Morgan Canfield
Chuck Norris as Sean Kane
Matt Clark as Tom McCoy
Mako as James Chan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10

To have the mo, or not have the mo. Is the question?

'Chuck Norris doesn't need a weapon... he is a weapon!' Oh, yeah. Don't you know it! This is what I like to see. Where can you get a Norris film which has him in a red sports car, flaunting a blinding fashion sense, glowing golden hair, a sensitive pet dog called Mort, Mako as his comical martial arts mentor, an unstoppable henchman, Richard Roundtree, Christopher Lee, haunting flashbacks, plenty of fodder for some ass-whooping and of course that fuzzy mo. Hey wait on. What, there's no mo on show?! I don't know, but I guess I have to deal with it. Even though it has dynamism of its own. More so than the man! Anyhow all of this can be found in director Steve Carver's "An Eye For An Eye", who was also responsible for the highly amusing and surprisingly stylish Norris' outing "Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)".

Carver knows his stuff, by keeping it at a cracking pace, competent flair and plastering it with brilliantly stylised and choreographed action set-pieces. Some lively suspense, and jolting thrills are randomly worked in along the way. The premise is routine, and the twists foreseeable. Vengeance, vengeance. I think Norris has got vengeance on mind, and flashy slow motion is the weapon of choice. Of course nothing is going to get in his way. This makes it quite exciting, over-the-top and at times comical. Yes there's some intentional humour too, even in the wonky script. The San Francisco backdrop is well-used (from the gritty to the attractive) as its spaciously photographed and William Goldstien's moodily appealing score is pitch-perfect. The wooden plank that's Norris does what's needed of him, and strangely holds your attention in an adequate turn. A tip-top supporting cast give it a little more credit. Mako brings a wilful personality that suitably feeds off Norris. Richard Roundtree's cynical, frown-beating Capt. Stevens and Christopher Lee's smooth presence features largely as Morgan Canfield. Rosalind Chao, Maggie Cooper and Matt Clarke are solid too. In a role that's hard to forget is Professor Toru Tanaka as the formidable, stone-engraved opponent that Norris must encounter. A swiftly executed and undoubtedly engaging actioner.

Reviewed by Woodyanders ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Norris at his fighting best!

Okay, let's start this review off by stating for the record that this flick sure ain't no groundbreaking work of exceptional cinematic art. However, it's an enjoyably funky little martial arts action item that does the trick quite nicely, getting immediately down to butt-kicking business right from the stirring start and never letting up to the thrilling end. A clean-shaven, baby-faced Chuck Norris stars as rugged San Francisco cop Sean Kane, who after losing his partner in an ambush (a brief appearance by Terry Kiser of "Weekend at Bernie's" fame) quits the police force and decides to go after the no-count drug-dealing evildoers responsible on his own, using his chopsocky prowess to clean their clocks like nobody's business. So far, so formulaic and predictable. Fortunately, director Steve ("Big Bad Mama") Carver maintains a snappy pace and a gritty atmosphere which keeps the pretty flimsy story on track throughout. The action is both plentiful and exciting, with especially cool use of strenuous slow motion and a substantial body count racked up by our man Chuck. Moreover, a bang-up supporting cast helps a lot: the late, great Mako as a fellow martial artist who's constantly criticizing Norris' sloppy form (Mako makes for a really funny comic relief character), Richard "Shaft" Roundtree as Norris' huffy, disapproving superior, Rosalind Chao as a gutsy lady TV reporter, the always terrific Christopher Lee as the suavely slimy main villain, Matt Clark as a weaselly cop on the take, and the enormous Professor Toru Tanaka as a hulking ferocious flunky for the bad guys (the scene where Tanaka beats up a Volkswagon is an absolute riot!). Sure, this film will never be hailed as some kind of great overlooked classic, but it's nonetheless loads of solid, silly, straight-down-the-line early 80's action fun and that's good enough for me.

Reviewed by marquis de cinema 7 / 10

Chuck vs. the Professor

This early Chuck Norris fare is one of his entertaining and exciting one to view. Done by Steve Carver who later did the sightly better Lone Wolf McQuade(1983). Its about a Police officer who quits the force to find the people responsible for his partner's death. He ends up joining forces with James Chan played by Mako when he battles some Triad organization. The Triads are portrayed differently in this film then they would be during the mid to late 1980s. This was before gunplay became a big part of the Triad pictures from the Heroic Bloodshed genre in Hong Kong cinema. An Eye for An Eye(1981) is much better then any of Chuck Norris's movies from the 1990s.

The battle between Chuck Norris and Professor Toru Tanako is one of the top martial arts match ups in any Norris flick. Chris Lee makes a great villain as the diabolical Morgan Canfield. Mako adds to the already good cast with his presence and wisdom. Mako is probably the only person to have appeared in a movie or TV show with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, and Sammo Hung. An Eye for An Eye(1981) must have been the inspiration for the Steven Seagal film, Hard to Kill(1990) because the plots are almost identical. Anohter memorable character is The Professor. Future Cythnia Rothrock co star, Richard Norton provides some of the stunts for the film.

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