Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
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Christina Applegate as Veronica Corningstone
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Will Smith as ESPN Reporter
Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leonhart35 1 / 10

Just awful...

Of all the things I expected to feel when I walked out of the cinema after seeing this film, disgusted that I paid money to watch it was not one of them.

No effort has been made to actually make this film any good, or any actual sequel to the first. The writers have just crammed it with as much stuff as they could that made the first film so brilliant, and all they succeeded in doing was making it an overblown, awkward film that leaves you knowing that during every seen they're just trying to force a laugh out of you. Its also been a long time that I was so consciously aware that the actors are just performing lines for a camera, there's nothing natural about any of them. It all feels painfully scripted, all the one liners blatantly placed just to drag a laugh kicking and screaming from your lips.

The last 45 minutes goes off on such a bizarre tangent I honestly had no idea what the hell was going on or what the purpose of any of it was.

Truly disappointed with this film, and incredibly annoyed by the knowledge that it'll be a box office smash purely because the first one is such a legendary film.

Reviewed by Nicholas Christou 1 / 10

7.2...are you crazy?!

The words escape me when it comes to reviewing this movie...before I start, you should know, i'm a massive comedy fan, and enjoyed the first anchorman quite a lot, and also that this is my first review because the disappointment and anger this movie caused made me have to write a review...this movie was the biggest waste of my time and money, and had I not been with company,I would've left half way through.

To be fair to the movie, the first 1 hour was okay, promising, and had a few laughs, but as the movie went on it descended into utter garbage, cheap humour and extremely drawn out scenes. The 'plot' was just...insane, I literally couldn't believe what I was watching, the movie was mainly just shouting and stupid noises, the same joke drawn out 100 times, no plot, no substance, no nothing. When I checked IMDb, I was honestly expecting to see somewhere between 3-4, I nearly fell out my seat when I saw 7.2, this movie probably would've made more sense if you cut up the scenes into a complete random order. Truly a 1/10 movie.

Reviewed by Jack Banister 2 / 10

Bottle feeding the shark?

**Before I write my review, I want to make it known that I went into Anchorman 2 expecting over the topness, funny one liners, plenty of gags, and generally having low expectations given the trailers and over advertisement.**

Despite having already low expectations, I was STILL disappointed.

Happy Days coined the term "jumping the shark," generally used for a television show that is declining in quality and attempts to use an outrageous plot device to keep viewer's interest. Anchorman 2 has not only jumped the shark, but it has given us a modern update to that term, "Bottle Feeding the shark." Not wanting to believe the movie could be so atrocious, I am actually trying to convince myself the shark feeding sequence was the film poking fun at itself and realizing it was terrible. If that was the case, it's a hilarious satirical movie. If not, it's a steaming pile of dung, which I suspect is the case.


- The celebrity cameos were mildly, and I mean very mildly entertaining but they came far too late to save the movie.

- A few laugh out loud sequences (the first 30 minutes).

- Ummmmm....Nothing else really. :/


- Just not a funny movie despite trying so hard. Forced humor and a truly awful script written by Will Ferrell. It seems like Will Ferrell sat in a focus group of adolescent males aged 12-17 and put whatever they deemed "funny" into his script. Plenty of penis and vagina jokes for you potty humor enthusiasts out there!

- The black jokes and black dinner sequence were cliched and boring. Everyone has heard a white person or comedian imitate a black person thousands of times and seeing Will Ferrell do it is not much funnier. I'm not easily offended, but more easily offended people would feel uncomfortable with these scenes in the movie.

- No quotable quotes. Anyone who saw Anchorman #1 can at LEAST rattle off a, "Stay Classy San Diego," or a "60% of the time it works every time." quote. No such luck here; there are no memorable quotes or sayings in this one. There was also a feeble attempt to recreate the "sex panther" scene with Brian's secret drawer, but it was forced and stupid. You can bet that there will be a product line of Anchorman condoms coming out though as a result...

- The film randomly tried to get serious with its whole, "The American people deserve the truth, etc." line at the end. I agree with the sentiment, but it was poorly placed in the movie and came off as a forced message.

- Bad script, unfunny characters, and the same tired situations are basically what sunk this film. Nothing good about it in all honesty.


- Brick aka Steve Carell. Straight up. He was tolerable in the first film because his randomness was well timed and just so out of the blue that all you could do was laugh. In the sequel it is flat out annoying. I have never felt so much disdain for a fictional character in my life. From the first "death" scene to the last "marriage" scene I despised every second of Steve Carell's screen time. Whoever thought to give Brick a love interest should be exiled from film making and possibly planet earth for all of eternity. I guess it was their poor attempt to give Brick's character another dimension other than just seeming like a retard the whole time. Ugh, his love interest was a mix of Brick and Kristen Wiig's character from Bridesmaids. To sum it up a combo of awkward and ANNOYING.

If it weren't for Brick being reintroduced in this film, I'd probably give it 4 MAYBE even 5 stars, but I actually felt mentally abused by how annoying his character was. Long story short, I could probably write a novel on how awful this film was, but this review satisfies my need to vent. If you value your time and don't want to waste it, do NOT see this film. If you must see it; Don't waste $10 or even a matinee admission price on this garbage, just red box it.

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