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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PaladinWhitestar 1 / 10

Terrible writing, bad acting, unoriginal theme


While I agree with a previous reviewer that the acting in this movie was terrible, I have to say that quite frankly, it really didn't matter. The best acting in the world can't make a badly written script suddenly become good. And a badly written script can make an otherwise great actor look REALLY BAD.

***SPOILERS FOLLOW FROM HERE*** So the theme here is that the world is badly over-populated and can't sustain the full population. Nearly everyone on the planet is a slave, with a small handful of people running things who are not. Let's pause right there and consider the logic behind this for a moment. If there are SO MANY people on the planet that losing 9 BILLION from the population doesn't even put a dent in the population crisis, and nearly all of those alive are slaves who hate the way they're forced to live, that's EASILY enough to start a rebellion and overthrow the small number who are making their lives miserable. But let's suspend our disbelief and put that logic aside for the moment. If that many people are unable to overthrow the elite few, then those elite few must have some REALLY SICK advanced technology, right? OK, so if they have that kind of tech (which is clearly the case judging by the massive flying ships near and at the end of the movie), why the heck haven't they left the planet and colonized the Moon, Mars, or just plain built massive space stations complete with colossal hydroponic farms to accommodate all those people? I mean, with that many billions of slaves, it wouldn't take long at all. And you can't say there aren't enough mineral resources to accomplish it, since they clearly have enough tech to mine asteroids, the moon, or other planets, not to mention cannibalizing and recycling outdated tech for its materials.

So what's their answer to over-population instead? ***insert fake sarcastic tone*** Let's create a game that kills off 90% of the people who bet on it. I mean, we're insanely greedy, megalomaniacs, so if we have too many slaves to support everyone, it's probably best to just kill off a few billion of them rather than using that man-power to expand our power and wealth, right? ***end sarcasm***

I really wonder if the writers ever bothered to stop and think about the logic behind this script (or lack thereof). Combine the bad writing with a juxtaposition against other movies with similar themes (Hunger Games, Maze Runner series, Cube (not that I liked Cube all that much, but even THAT had better writing and more of a point than THIS movie)) and this movie totally bombs, which is a huge understatement. This movie is comparable to a 2-year old with a toy steering wheel on their lap, sitting next to mom or dad in the car and believing that driving with their toy is comparable to what the parent is doing with the real car. The simple fact that I've even taken the time to write this review is an OVERWHELMING testament to how bad this movie was. Seriously. I have never written a movie review before, even though I've seen some truly horrible movies. But this one was so bad, I actually created an IMDb account for the first time ever for the sole purpose of writing this review so I could let people know how horrible the movie was. It really was THAT BAD! Taking the time to write this review was a FAR better use of my time than actually watching the movie.

Reviewed by defmuse 2 / 10

Pointless & a waste of my hour and half

The Score: unoriginal, regurgitated, and outdated. A few of the pieces sounded like they were lifted off the Mortal Kombat soundtrack.

The Acting: horrendous... it's so bad that characters who are supposed to be dead, are clearly seen breathing on film.

The dialogue: worse. There are lines that are completely redundant... like they've been thrown in there due to lack of anything coherent by the writers.

The saddest part: Skin is terrible. I cringed every time she tried to "act." I don't know why, but she kept sounding like she was reading her dialogue to kindergarteners.

I want to give this movie a higher rating due to Baldwin & Glover being involved, but they don't add even a percentage of class or relief to this movie.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 4 / 10

Love the concept, but might work better as a game cause it's not a good movie.

Ten people awake in a maze that's really crappy looking, with no memory of who they are and only one of them is allowed to get out of the maze alive.

The game concept works. Each player has a symbol tattooed on their neck that matches a symbol on a wall to get a cool weapon. Most players got simple guns while other got some really cool stuff straight out of a video game (like one guy got a really cool Mega Man like weapon). Once in a while they battle androids robots that look like ninjas, as well as fighting each other until their numbers dwindled down.

As a film the story was just too weak to care about anything that's going on.

Alec Baldwin appears in the movie. His character is pointless and seems to be created just to have Alec Baldwin in your movie in hopes that his star power will fill seats. The same goes with Danny Glover's cameo like role in the movie.

I actually went to see the movie because Leo Howard was in it. I'm aware of the young actor from his marshal arts driven Disney TV show, Kickin it. The movie does have him do some kicks and punches but not enough to salvage the flick.

But really, Andron has a bad story arc and messes up the game they play and leaves you with nothing overall.

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