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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 5 / 10

An homage to old-school, campy, monster movies.

Animal doesn't have much substance as a horror movie. It's your typical "teenagers lost in the woods and are getting picked off one by one" story, except instead of a machete wielding maniac chasing them it's an Alien-Predator-hybrid animal that has a taste for human meat. For what it is, it's a fun watch - it's exactly what you'd expect from a B-movie called "Animal".

I can't score it any higher because it gets zero points for originality and I can't score it lower because it doesn't try to be anything more than a schlocky monster movie. It's surprisingly cohesive writing-wise, and is definitely more watchable than half the F13 entries. Elizabeth Gillies' ear-piercing screams are annoying yet hilarious and add some extra zest once her friends become fodder to this unstoppable beast.

Overall Animal achieves exactly what it sets out to, but its sights weren't aimed high in the first place. It's a clear homage to old-fashioned monster movies with lots of campiness, cheesy special effects, blood and guts aplenty, and a handful of scares that catch you off-guard. All you can ever want in a B-movie romp-fest.

Reviewed by Jelly Blossom 10 / 10

good bit pulpy horror

After watching this movie three times already, I can say I really love it! Scary but not too scary, it has a good build up starting quite funny and saving the best for last. The last scenes are really nerve breaking, how it ends and who will survive stays unsure until the very end. Some scenes were a bit predictable, but that's normal for horror movies, and in Animal, this didn't happen too often. Actually, there were quite a few turns in the plot that took me by surprise. As someone else already said, Liz Gillies is really impressive. I loved her acting and she sure has the perfect horror movie scream. I can recommend this movie to everyone!

Reviewed by Casey Hayes 10 / 10

I just love this one

As an enormous Liz Gillies fan I waited very long for the movie to come out and I can tell you it's worth the wait. The movie starts direct with a scary scene in which people are being chased by an unknown creature, so you're immediate on edge. Then when the movie really starts and everything seems beautiful, it is a nice and funny moment but because you know what's coming because of the opening scene you're still nervous. Twenty minutes later the horror really starts and it it keeps you alarmed and scared for the rest of the movie. The movie really builds up in tension leading to a grand finale the last fifteen minutes. Those last scenes are really the best. In conclusion, I can say I loved this movie and I would really like a sequel!

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