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Rose Byrne as Grace
Mila Kunis as Andrea Alvin
Cameron Diaz as Hannigan
Ashton Kutcher as Simon Goodspeed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jennifer Fee 10 / 10

Great movie

I thought it was a great movie. I grew up watching the old Annie and I loved this one just as much. The original Annie made you feel happy for Annie and Mr Warbuck but this Annie made you feel good about yourself and your family. I thought the new songs were catchy and enjoyable. The only bad thing I can see was that Cameron Diaz's acting was a bit over exaggerated but besides that, it was great. I had no problem at all with the actors being black, in fact, I didn't even think about it until I came on here and read the disgusting comments. All the people that grew up with the old Annie and are hating on this one need to stop because this is an updated version on the story that was made for the next generation. Just think of the poor little girls in the movie reading your disgusting comments.

Reviewed by Daniella Oakley 10 / 10

Ignorant Critics -Excellent and Appropriate Remake

I have no doubt that the many people rating down this movie are either racists or people who don't understand the meaning of remakes.

This film, a modern remake of the 1982 classic is rather delightful, the beginning sequence pulled me in immediately and the first classroom scene where ironically a class member with ginger hair, freckles and a red cardigan is giving a presentation before our modern Annie is called up to do hers is hilarious and clever in itself. Also seeing Annie's journey to the restaurant really highlighted the modernness of this film. It's set in 2014. Not the depression.

The modern remakes of the songs are both fun and energetic though i do miss the orchestra feel of the 1982 film. Quvenzhane Wallis (Annie) is very talented and despite the unnecessary auto tune here and there, pulls off Annie amazingly, her take on Sia's Opportunity gave me goose bumps. This film is filled with hilarious fresh one liners especially from Jamie Foxx, who plays the modern and very accurate version of Mr Warbucks.

This film will surely make you laugh, the only downside i have is the fact that they could have done a LOT more Choreographically, for example the choreography in the original hard knock life was astounding whereas this version not so much. I also found one or two of the random song break made me cringe. But the major downfall was the choreography and the fact their are only 5 foster kids, these things are the reason i can't give the film a 10/10.

This is NOT Political correctness, most people fail to realize that 1982 Annie based off a fictional cartoon strip, was set during the great Depression and a time where Irish and Ginger folk, two of Annie's attributes were highly marginalized and carried negative stigma, that's what made Annie special. The fact that she made people see through all of that and love her for the sweet adventurous child she was despite her social class. This modern reboot portrays Annie as a black girl another marginalized group, if you don't believe me, look at all the racist reviews. Annie could be any child, Black, White, Asian, but the fact she was a ginger opened a lot of eyes and hopefully this film will too.

PS. I took my kids who have seen the original to watch this and they loved it, no mention of race, no mention of Annie's hair, so you grown adults complaining do look pathetic.

All in All, GO SEE THIS FILM! And if you like it, write a review.

Reviewed by mskarpari 10 / 10

This movie makes my day!!

WOW!!! What a delightful surprise!! Everyone in the family LOVED this movie, and yeah we enjoy this version much more than the original, and we are white (for the ones who claim that this is the black version of Annie)!! My 3yr old daughter is obsessed with it and even my husband who hates musicals really liked this one because there is a much more realistic vibe to it; the beats are groovy, the singing is impeccable and it is not accompanied by excessive dancing involving a group of 100 all with the same facial expression :) Yeap, this is not your typical is so much better!! Instead of skipping the singing moments you play them over and over again. And the kid..Annie...OH MY what a voice! I cannot believe how much emotion she puts into her songs and she is only 11!

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