Any Which Way You Can


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Clint Eastwood as Philo Beddoe
Anne Ramsey as Loretta Quince
Barry Corbin as Fat Zack
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Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

The Further Adventures Of Clint And Clyde

Clint Eastwood fans will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe hes only venture into screen'comedy are Every Which Way But Locse and its successor film. This isn't the kind of stuff that Cary Grant would have been doing, but the two films do keep with Clint's macho screen image and allow him to slug a few people with some laughs in between.

Nearly all the characters from Any Which Way But Loose are back in this film Any Which Way You Can. Clint is once again Philo Beddoe who works part time hauling away wrecked cars, but makes his real money in the illegal bare knuckle prize fight racket. Clint lives in southern California, probably in a place not unlike Carmel, California where he was mayor. He lives with his mother Ruth Gordon, his partner in auto collision work Geoffrey Lewis and his pet orangutan, Clyde.

The last film ended with Clint not winning Sondra Locke, the country singer he lost his heart to. But Sondra's back now and when Clint wants to back out of a bare knuckle fight with reigning eastern champion William Smith because he's tired of the racket, the gangsters backing the fight kidnap her to force him to go through with it.

As in the last film, Clyde the orangutan gets the lion's share of the laughs. The sex life of the orangutan gets even more screen time, Clint and Geoff Lewis don't just find a zoo with a female orangutan in it for Clyde to mate with, they actually get him an adjoining motel room with Clyde and his lady love in one room and Clint and Sondra in another.

William Smith has the most interesting part in the film, usually he's a thoroughgoing bad guy in his films, but in Any Which Way You Can he's got a sense of honor and fair play, much to the distress of Harry Guardino and the rest of the gangsters backing the fight.

Any Which Way You Can has the same sense of rollicking lowbrow comedy that the first film has, maybe more so. As Clint Eastwood moves into his eighties maybe he'll try comedy again. He'd be one great grumpy old man as he proved in Gran Torino.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7 / 10

Many Adjectives Describe This

Crude, sophomoric, irreverent, silly, stupid, overly macho, etc., etc. - yet, an endearing and very enjoyable film for a lot of people. I wouldn't put myself in that category any more, calling it "endearing," but when I was a lot younger and more less discerning, I laughed a lot at this. I enjoyed this as much, if not more, than the original film, "Every Which Way But Loose."

Now, it's a bit too seedy and I don't care for all the abuses of the Lord's name in vain, especially in comedy. However, this is an entertaining film. No one falls asleep watching the antics of the orangutan or Clint Eastwood and his fighting opponent or the irascible Ruth Gordon. The villain in here - Eastwoood's boxing opponent "Jack Wilson" (William Smith) was a good guy and the bare- knuckle was something to see!

It's low brow stuff, but a lot of that kind of humor was big in the '70s and early '80s.

Reviewed by grahamsj3 7 / 10

Clint does comedy again!

This sequel to "Every Which Way but Loose" is as good as the first. Clyde the orangutan is back. Clint Eastwood is a retired bare knuckle fighter with a huge reputation. When a national "title" fight is offered, he hesitates, wanted to quit fighting. But he's forced to go through with the fight (of course - this is EASTWOOD for crying out loud!). There are many humorous scenes and I like this one as well as the first. Good one!

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