Anything Else


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Christina Ricci as Amanda Chase
Fisher Stevens as Manager
Woody Allen as David Dobel
Danny DeVito as Harvey Wexler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RedSoxCoder 10 / 10

Underrated gem!

This movie really is an underrated gem. Somehow most critics have become totally unable to accept Woody Allen's work for what it is and compare it only to other movies from the same years.

Woody Allen has said many times that he has no interest in looking back to his old work and, in my opinion, it really shows. From someone who has often raved about the 'Radio Days' of his youth and adores prewar Jazz, he has steadily developed into a director who has no trouble catching the modern every day lives of the people around him. Recreating the atmosphere from his older movies would only show the inability to move on, along with the rest of the world.

Anything Else is proof of that. It's a modern movie with a typical Woody Allen style dialogue that works on several levels. Between the jokes and witty remarks and often great replies, lie the worries of any young guy or girl that has to learn to deal with life's fears and frustrations. Anything Else also has a really nice atmosphere and a great pace - the movie at almost 2 hours never feels like it's stalling or going nowhere. The story moves forward constantly. Biggs really is the star here and is a perfect Young Woody Allen. Ricci is only a supporting character, but both she and the rest of the cast really make this into a believable, relaxed and enjoyable experience.

For those who are willing to learn a little: this movie does make a simple, but very true point about learning to deal with life.

Photography, directing, editing and writing is really first class work - nothing less than what you get in other top Woody Allen movies. Beautiful locations, great camera work and typical Woody style jazz really make this into a perfect 10/10.

The lack of awards and negative reviews are just like Dobel (Woody Allen) says in this movie: You's just like anything else.

Go see it for yourselves!

Reviewed by Nick Brown 9 / 10

One of the best recent Woody films

This film is one of Woody's best. Basically is it criticised by people who don't like Woody Allen for being like all the others, or by people that do like him because it's not quite his usual story line. The only weakness is that Jason Biggs is not quite up to the task, and looks a little lacking in confidence in places. Christina Ricci is excellent as ever, and Woody does a great job playing the eccentric old man, a role that is much more appropriate to his age than many he has attempted to play since he became middle aged (20+ years ago!).

This is packed with interesting views on life, great jokes (not Woody's usual repetition of the same jokes like the "polymorphously perverse" line) and touching reflections on relationships.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Stephen John Alexander (stephen-alexander-1) 10 / 10


I've always been a big fan of Woody Allen. He's the sort of Director (and I guess actor as well) that you either love or hate. There's no middling territory in that regard...

Anyway, in this film, I particularly admire the way that he's riskily used Jason Biggs and Christina Ricci. I've always found the latter to have great promise...As a child in Adams Family Values when she verbally attacked the somewhat "up his own arse" Summer Camp leader over what she perceived to be the hypocrisy of "Thanks Giving", I stood up in the cinema in ovation...Note that talking or shouting or clapping in a British cinema (I'm British) is strictly forbidden (except during showings of Star Wars)...However, with the sole exception of Buffalo 66, Christina has flopped over recent years and I hope for her sake that Woody Allen has now helped to relight the fire inside.

Jason Biggs is another quantity altogether. The only film I've ever seen him before this one was American Pie. (American Sh*te more like!) But, all actors are obviously talented people and deserve the opportunity to show what they can really do at some stage or other...Like Bruce Willis's coming of age and quality in Pulp Fiction, or Jim Carey's in The Truman Show, Jason Biggs may now have turned a corner and opened the doors onto a new level in his Hollywood career.

The film particularly struck a raw nerve with me as after breaking up recently with the love of my life, I saw the exact/or at least very similar thing happen to Bigg's character in this film. Allen's brilliant characterisation and understanding of even the most insane people and situations, helped me a little to come to terms with some things which in my own life are causing me a lot of pain at the moment. Girls like Ricci's character do exist (surely in abundance) and more more or less normal guys like myself and Biggs in 21st Century city life really do find that getting it right as our parents' generation did much more easily in "love", is like looking for a needle in a haystack...My search, needless to say, goes on. Thanks Woody! You are my Shrink!

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