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Reviewed by Nigel P 8 / 10

Likable horror ...

This is one of the more convincing films in the found footage genre, and features two main characters.

This is an example of what makes a successful found-footage picture. Two likable film-makers Jodie and Kevin (Jane Barry/Geoff Pinfield) visit a 'doomsday cult' populated mainly by women and lead by Michael (David MaCrae). They appear unnaturally happy and contented. Something is clearly wrong, but answers aren't forthcoming in any great hurry. When they come, they are covered in a subtle way – strong hints of necrophilia, murder and a not unpredictable final outcome are covered in a solid, entertaining manner. Solid is one thing, however, and I found myself wishing the excellent performances (Barry and Pinfield have great chemistry, and MaCrae succeeds in making Michael a thoroughly convincing, unhinged monster) and mood of unease could have been embellished with a few more genuinely frightening scenes. What we had, even at the end, was fairly repugnant, but not terribly frightening.

As is sometimes the case with found-footage projects, the ending is open to interpretation. Although events certainly appear to be heading in a certain direction, I didn't expect things to end as they did. (Spoilers) There were four different endings shot, and this is the one the crew were most happy with. I'm not sure I wouldn't have preferred the character of Kevin, who disappears towards the end, to reappear. Still, with the ending as it is, the earlier prophecy of 'apocalypse' might well have come to fruition … A mention too for the tremendous cinematography. Misty early mornings and sunrises certainly make the idea of the isolated cult seem an appealing one, even if their methods were a lot less wholesome.

Reviewed by victoryismineblast 7 / 10

Found footage from Australia delivers

Refreshing film from Australia picks up on the new trend of combining found footage and Cults. Two documentary filmmakers follow a trail of clues until they are invited to spend a few days at a cult deep in the forests of Australia. When they get there things start really getting bizarre.

As they start following the daily lives of the cult members and interviewing them it becomes clear that things just aren't right. The leader, a creepy old man named Michael, regales them with tales of the apocalypse and their little group's role in it. The cult is comprised only of women and girls. Where did the men go?

Comparisons can be drawn here to Ti West's "The Sacrament," and rightfully so, but this one is so much more bizarre and sinister that it seems more like a horror movie than a rehashing of the Jonestown Massacre.

There are allusions to pedophilia and murder and so much else. The mood is just perfect and the scenery is at once beautiful and strangely creepy. The ending is startling as well as ambiguous and just perfect for this type of movie. It definitely kept me enthralled throughout. Highly recommended for fans of the genre, and fans of horror in general.

Reviewed by chrismackey1972 7 / 10

Very Well Done Indie (And I Had Nothing to Do with the Movie)

A camera crew - Jodie and Kevin - visits an AA meeting n Australia where they meet a lot of substance abusers. One of the recovering addicts tells them he was in a cult because he thought the leader - Michael - was a prophet. The camera crew is intrigued enough to go on a roadtrip to try finding the cult. Along the way, they talk to locals to get their view of it, who pretty much laugh it off.

In a hotel room, while on the phone, Jodie discovers their AA lead is missing. She and Kevin don't pay much attention to it since he was a druggie, and they feel he probably just wondered off.

The next scene shows they are in a forest, and - cliché time lol - there is no cellphone reception. They meet two young girls who come wandering from behind the trees and they tell the crew to leave behind any communication devices. They are blindfolded and taken to the cult's encampment, which is made up of a few small houses, where they're greeted by many others in the camp, who are all women and young girls. Then they meet Michael. As Jodie interviews him, Michael starts sounding weird. He says "Once you join us, you are bound to us for life." Weirdo alert. During dinner, Jodie finds out that Michael takes a different one of "his" women to his bed every night.

The next day, while interviewing Michael's wife, Jodie discovers the prophecy that Michael mentioned the day before. Part 1 is the moving of the men. She tells Jodie that the men - 9 of them - have already left their earthly bodies and ascended to the new world to prepare it; cue the Twilight Zone theme. Part 2 is the screaming of the girls. Part 3 is the crossing into the new world.

Pervert alert. At dinner, Michael takes one of the little girls - Amy -to his bed :( That night, one of the girls has a screaming attack, which Michael takes as being part 2 of the prophecy. He slaps her across the face and stabs her in the arm with a knife. He and the women then tie her to a tree. This is where the movie really picks up. I can't tell you anymore without spoiling it. I will say that they find their AA lead.

The acting was great, as was the buildup and the story. It's filmed primarily through camcorders, so if you don't like that...well, don't let that dissuade you. The movie was very well done, especially for a low-budget indie.

David Macrae (Michael) was great as the cult leader. He was very believable in the role, as were the rest of the cast. I didn't really expect much from this because, let's face it, it's a low budget indie. However, it was a gripping and thrilling movie. I highly recommend it. I can't really say the story's original since it's been played out in real life, hello Jim Jones. Still it was done in a serious and realistic manner. I do have to say that the ending disturbed me, and I don't get like that very easily.

I gave this a 7-star rating. I might revisit that decision in a few days' time, but it was very well done. And NO, I had nothing to do with this movie, nor did anyone pay me to write a good review. However, if the producer wants to throw some money my way, I'll be grateful. :D lol Seriously, if you look at my reviews, I generally review indie films. Some I give good reviews to. Others, not so much.

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