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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Menno 7 / 10

Weak plot great artwork

To be perfectly honest what this movie misses most is a game controller. The movie consists of good action scenes great boss battles and over the top weapons and abilities. Why then do I have to sit still and watch instead of actually engaging in the battles?

The plot of this movie is nothing to write home about. You have seen it in one form or another a million times before, often better executed. Would've done nicely for a game though.

The artwork however: sublime. I really doubted in the beginning of the movie whether it was animation or live action (other scenes are less convincing but still). The ruins of New York look like a delight to wander around in and to just explore.

I can honestly say I watched this movie for the art, not the story.

Reviewed by siderite 7 / 10

Decent 3D CGI sci fi action

I remember little from the Appleseed anime that I saw when I was younger so this is basically me commenting on this movie as standalone. The Third World War came and went, leaving the entire planet in chaos. The story follows two former soldiers that are now working as mercenaries for a thug. They meet a mysterious girl and her cyborg protector and decide to help them out in their mission against some psychopathic bad guys.

The end of the world theme, the political or social commentary usual in Masamune Shirow's work, they are all downplayed, almost not existent. Instead the entire flow of the movie is centered around fighting. The animation is decent, considering it is 3D CGI in its entirety, but when you think about it, they worked with about 10 body models. All the henchmen look alike, for example. They did a good job, but I think the physics looked off for most of the time: nothing gets destroyed unless it explodes, the cars are moving in weird ways and the hand to hand combat is clumsy.

Bottom line: as vaguely as I remember the 1984 Appleseed anime, I remember seeing it. This one will probably be forgotten by the time I save this review. Not bad, but not terribly good either. Animation was decent, but not great, the story simple and the characters formulaic and hard to empathize with. I think the fact that the character I connected most with was the thug, rather than the various heroes and villains, says it all. And I am still waiting for 3D animation to make me feel like a good anime does.

Reviewed by freego1 4 / 10

So so...

Im a fun of 3d art movies like this , sci-fi mostly ,and i ve seen a couple .This could be a lot better . There are some serious problems in the character developmet.You never really get to know the characters and personally i didn't grow fond of anyone like i suppose to( i mean you grow fond of the leading characters usually) Some conversations are too flat and some times even a bit cheezy. The real problem is that when the characters meet some new ones their behaviour,conversations and the way of approach are really off. The way they try to make contact and gain trust is unrealistic. The action scenes are nice though and the graphics. So overall we have some bad script but nice scenes.i wouldn't recommend it though.

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