April Rain



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Ming-Na Wen as Hillary Miller
Ryan Guzman as Alex Stone
Luke Goss as John Sikes
Ally Walker as Linda Sikes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sean Fitzpatrick 1 / 10

Don't Waste Your Time

I was watching this movie on July 5th, 2014 - and the release date was June 4, 2014 - one month from release to cable - direct to video I guess.

I wont bother with a plot summary other than to say there is a "secret" government agency, a terrorist plot using Vespa-type scooters (and....one high speed chase using said scooters)and some horrible acting, writing and directing.


Look closely children of the 80's..........VINCENT SPANO IS BACK!!!!! And no....his acting hasn't gotten any better.

If you dare watch this - make sure you're ready to say "WHAT?????" at the end.......

Reviewed by david427-20-508807 1 / 10


Possibly the worst movie in the history of motion pictures.

Horrible writing, directing and acting. Scenes that don't go anywhere, are randomly tossed in it would seem. Who sent that tip off text? Why did Alex bolt out his apartment at the end? Obviously this is some kind of rip off of the successful series, Homeland. Except it watches like someone with a mental illness wrote it. Maybe all the scenes that would have helped make the movie make sense ended up on the cutting room floor? We can only hope.

Semi decent production values for a low budget turd.

Terrorist using scooters? Why does their hideout base in the middle of no where California look like a US Army combat post in Afghanistan?

Reviewed by Stuart Bell 1 / 10

When, will i, will i make a good movie?

Okay, let's get this straight....i love bad movies, hey, i seen loads..Frankenstein meets the space monster, Robot Monster, deadly spawn,Plan 9.....i could go on and on...but this movie? It's a different kind of "bad"..as in total excrement! The acting is so bad, the scooters, the chase scenes, Luke Goss,this is a new kind of low.....boredom guaranteed The bad boss guy looks like Max Wall, enough said! Someone mentioned Ed Wood in another review of this film, hey Ed Wood was a genius and would never have wasted time on this. I cannot understand how this even made it onto DVD!! The accents slip and slide all over the place. In these dangerous times that we live in, this film is a mockery of true life, it's an embarrassment to the art of cinema....it's AWFUL!

Avoid at all costs!

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