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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gilmanst7 9 / 10

Remarkable and Emotional

A friend of mine recommended Rob Gunnerson's ARC to me a while ago. He had seen it at a festival and was raving about what a powerful piece of film-making it is. I recently had the pleasure of catching it at the Hollywood Film Festival and my expectations were surpassed by leaps and bounds.

ARC is packaged deceptively. It's opening is stylish, hip, disaffected and edgy. It's a world of drug dealers, smut hustlers and hookers, beautifully expressed in black and white with bursts of isolated color. What's brilliant about this film, however, is that about a third of the way through, it rips the unwritten contract between filmmaker and audience in half. The film abruptly shifts from edgy and disaffected to vulnerable and human.

It's in this jarring break that I truly connected with Gunnerson's main characters: a drug dealer and a prostitute. Regardless of what they do for a living or what they've made of their lives, what's at their core is made so identifiable by the filmmakers that it was impossible not to see myself in their shoes.

Which is scary as hell considering the world they're in.

Once he's cast his spell and has your gut, Gunnerson, takes characters and audience deep into one of the darker worlds I've seen on screen in quite some time. I could hear the audience around me squirm as the film edged towards a climax that is at once cruel, touching, and very, very powerful.

My hat's off to the entire cast (Peter Facinelli must be seen to be believed) for giving this indie film performances that can only be described as art.

The director and D.P.'s collaboration should also be celebrated. The film and its look feels so tailor-made for it's DV format that frankly, it doesn't feel like DV… it just feels distinctly THIS FILM.

Clearly talented, Gunnerson has achieved the alchemy all directors strive for, which is creating, out of nothing, a powerful, unique and emotional experience that stays with you. I hope he makes more soon.

Reviewed by cjsouth 10 / 10

Amazing Film at Indie Gathering!

After seeing the Film ARC at the Indie Gathering in Ohio, I'm convinced that I'm in the right profession. This is the first time I have ever commented on a film at and let me tell you... God Damn Amazing.

Robert Gunnerson, I applaud you. This is your first feature film and you stole the show. Passionate and Raw. Dark and humorous. One man's journey to claw his way out of the self-loathing, drug induced, pathetically convenient Pit he fell into. I was more involved in watching ARC than Lord of The Rings or X-Men. The beautifully framed shots and artistic use of spot coloring make it impossible to keep from losing yourself in the film.

I'm glad I had a chance to see it, and it was great talking to you about it. For anyone that hasn't seen this Movie... GO SEE IT! Pay huge money to have Rob send you a copy! Do Whatever it takes to see this film! YOU MUST SEE IT!

Independent film at it's finest!

Reviewed by Adam Bolt 9 / 10

Stylish, edgy, drugs n' crime story - but Great!

I caught 'Arc' at the Indie Gathering Film Festival, and was very impressed. I must say, I'm not at all a fan of hip drug movies, but the depth of the story and superb acting won me over quickly. This film had an emotional truth to it that makes movies like 'Spun' pale in comparison. It is a gripping tale of redemption, without heavy-handed morality.

Artistically, it is beautiful. The daytime world is black-and-white with selective spots of color, but the film, in a strange and disturbing way, comes to full color and life at night... much like the world of these shady characters.

'Arc' is the ideal of what true independent film should be. Artistic, powerful, and solid, even with limited resources. I'm sure we will be hearing more about it.

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