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Nina Dobrev as Lori
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James Remar as Agent McCarty
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Reviewed by xmanuchox 8 / 10

Blah blah blah

After reading all the reviews, I felt that most people watched the movie as if they were voting for an Academy Award... this is NOT about that.

This is about fights, about blood, is like a classic 80's or mid 90's action/martial arts movie. With a pretty much obvious script (altough in the final 20 minutes there's a twist I didn't expect), and the fighters being "ordinary people" I think is a pretty good movie to watch and have fun. The way they dealt with the fact that was a low budget movie, using the green screen as part of the history was pretty smart.

Anyways, If you are looking for something to lay on the coach and just have fun, and you like Bloodsport type of movies, watch it. If you are looking for Casablanca, keep walking....

Reviewed by Cinema_Love 3 / 10

Why Samuel Why ??

Maybe i had high expectations but then, this is the kind of movie we have seen like a hundred times in the past years... A guy blond-haired muscular (Twilight's Kellan Lutz) sees his girlfriend killed in an accident, and she was pregnant.... then he goes on drinking alcohol the next minute, in Mexico... meet a women, that women goes naked and he got kidnapped because it was a trapt... the next minute, he's somewhere in a video game called ''Death Games'' (Original title wow), that is on the internet. So people pay to bet who will win the fights. Samuel L. Jackson is the director of all of this, and our hero, Lutz, will tell him he will kill him at the very end. Samuel laugh, ha-ha. Then, Lutz goes on fight like 8 people before he gets to the executionner, the guy that killed people that are KOed. It's basic formula, it's poor acting, bad special effects and horrible fight sequences... if at least we gets good fights but we're not. At the very beginning, there's a fight we can see it's all fake. I thought it was a joke, when someone hit another with a punch and you can see at least 2 feet of nothing between them, it deserve a good ole' WOW !!!! It's bad and thanks god it did not receive a Theatrical Release.

Reviewed by davidfurlotte 1 / 10

The new porn - Violence, Gore and Blood

This movie is basically a Hollywood version of a snuff film. There is no real plot other than something that's been used as a sub-plot in television and in other B class movies.

Simple formula.

Kidnap people who have some talent to fight.

Convince them to fight to the death.

Put on shows for the masses and make big money.

Okay, first tiny little problem is this: Where is the money? OBVIOUSLY this is a SUBSCRIPTION based online revenue but it is CHEAP enough for some College kids to afford? RIGHT...

Then we have the second fight for our main hero, David Lord. He is supposed to kill his opponent in less than 3 minutes or the wife of his friend dies. Guess who his opponent is?....Yep, you guessed it, his friend.

Now if you do the math, the ONLY way his friend would be inclined to fight is if HE were told that if he won, his wife and he would be set free.

SO, you have a man that has trained ALL HIS LIFE with weaponry in Martial Arts and he manages to get beaten? Okay, David Lord IS a Marine but seriously, able to beat an opponent who has trained all his life with the Katana? I think not.

I'm only halfway through viewing this but I already know how it's going to end. Unless you're really into watching some senseless killing, give it a pass. If the second half of this movie changes my mind, I'll be back to alert you that my original take on it was wrong. I'm big enough to admit that.

Well, I'm back and surprise, surprise, I was NOT wrong. To say it's a contrived ending leaving us open for a sequel is an understatement. I go with my first warning to you. Give it a pass and a wide berth.

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