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Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez
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Taylor Schilling as Christine Mendez
Richard Kind as Max Klein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesthealchemist 3 / 10

Based on the Truth?

I am severely disappointed in this film for the main reason that we see US movie makers twisting the truth so that they come out looking like heroes. And I am not alone in this. The UK and French governments were quite rightly upset by the movie saying that their embassies had refused to help out the Americans in trouble. The UK embassy took the refugees in at great risk and kept them there until the Iranian guard was getting suspicious. Ben Affleck claims he had the refugees refused because he wanted them to appear to be isolated would be funny if it wasn't so clear that he actually wanted it to be the US who really saved them. At least the movie makers did have the Canadian embassy involved as it had been at the time. The movie should have said at the start that the facts had been changed in the name of drama. Movie makers have a responsibility when making movies based on the truth to let people know what really occurred. When they don't they are actually guilty of trying to change history and worse people believe what they see on the screen. And lastly seeing the guards at the airport chasing the jet in order to try and stop it was absurd. Why didn't they simply shoot at it or have the Iranian air-force force the jet to land. A joke of a movie so far removed from what actually happened and to say its 'based on the truth' really shows just how far the truth gets abused.

Reviewed by nainfroid 2 / 10

Ben affleck can grow a beard

I was watching this movie with 2 friends and none of us said anything until it was over. While I was watching it something was bothering me but I didn't say anything because I thought the other two were into it, Ben Affleck with a beard doing CIA stuff in 1980 Iran being a sort of archetype of what an cool movie should be these days...

Anyway I kept my mouth shut, and when the movie ended I looked at my two companions. They both seemed a little off, I couldn't tell if it was indifference or confusion or flat out boredom. One thing was clear though: this movie sucked.

First, at no point whatsover does one feel any connection and/or sympathy for the main character. Ben Affleck makes the SAME FACE during the entire movie, his eyes gazing in the distance and his mouth gaping ever so slightly, giving him an expression vaguely similar to what I imagine someone coming out of months of Electroshock Therapy would have.

I never saw how this 'acting' contributed to the 'character' in any way. In fact, there is almost no character to speak of, and you'd almost forget him if it weren't for the fact that he is in almost every scene of the movie.

Second (Spoiler I guess), even thought it started with a cool premise, the story unraveled poorly and I honestly didn't get the point. So what, they spent the whole movie training, all of it to get through a 5 minute scene at the customs where nothing really happens and another climatic 5 minute chase on the runway where clearly the car has no chance of stopping the plane, and in fact it doesn't, so there, the end? I mean, seriously??

I can only imagine that this movie has such a good rating because most people haven't even bothered reviewing it. There was a bunch of other stuff I wanted to complain about but that movie was so bland that I forgot.

Reviewed by SampanMassacre 1 / 10

Dull and Overrated

In a particular scene, one of the "hostages" (one of the escaped Americans from the taken-over Iranian Embassy) is looking outside the window of the safe house, and he sees, right on the street, a guy getting shot... The guy looking out the window has a blank expression, and this sums up the overall suspense and vibe of ARGO that, until the last twenty minutes when the characters are trying to silently escape through the airport, has little momentum and simply goes through the motions.

The aspect about the fake film, that will provide a cover to save the hostages, is rushed, and although Alan Arkin has funny lines, there are very few obstacles for the characters to get that fake movie going... One step to another, all the characters seem to sleepwalk through each scene where people sit behind desks and talk to each other.

Affleck's directing style is good, it looks good, but his performance is dull and listless... Much like those hostages that we are supposed to feel for but, with their horrendously distracting 1970's wigs and mustaches, they're just wallpaper in a wallpaper experience.

This is the most overrated movie of the last decade.

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