Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
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Selena Gomez as Selenia
Jimmy Fallon as Prince Betameche
Omar Sy as Snow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 4 / 10

It's only half a story

Didn't see the first movie, but I'm not very much inclined to go see it now. My 11-year old was very disappointed with the way the story abruptly ends with a 'to be continued' and I could only agree with her.

Although all the elements for an exciting adventure are there, somehow it isn't put together very well. There are too many details that have not been worked out well, specifically with a lot of the characters. The villain from the title doesn't appear until the last quarter of the movie, and just when you think the story is finally going to unravel, it's finished! Open endings can be interesting, but I wouldn't call this an open ending. The boy is still not back, his (grand)parents are still searching, the central matter that most of the movie evolves around has not been solved in any way and even in the end I had no clue to what the revenge of Malthazar was going to be. Being big and in the real world couldn't be all of it, could it?

To me it seemed like only half a movie, or the first part of a miniseries on TV. Outrageous that I was nowhere warned for this!

Reviewed by prendj01 10 / 10

As good as the first and the third.

For those that are used to Luc Bessons work this will not be a disappointment. I can only say that the other reviewers of this film have gone into it with their expectations way to high or I was watching a completely different film to them. This is not Disney or Pixar and if you don't go into this expecting that then you it will not disappoint you. Other reviewers completely missed the point that the adult actors are supposed to behave like cartoon villain's.

The animation and creativity is top notch and the story feels half finished only because it is meant to be watched as part of a trilogy. Do yourself a favor and ignore the negative reviews. Give this film a shot but watch it as part of the trilogy as intended and you will be very pleasantly entertained. I will agree that this is a kids film for adults and I would recommend it for ages 8/9 and up.

All in all a thoroughly entertaining production.

Reviewed by Daniel Peixoto 6 / 10

Nice movie

Loved the first one but I think this is somewhat weaker movie. Great Computer graphics Image, very nice directing, loved the looks of the movie, very pleasant to the eyes but the story isn't as appealing as the first one. Maybe that is a problem common to all trilogies, being the second one the least appealing of all. I have seen the first in French version, this one I watched in English, loved both versions but I think the English one is slightly better because as the actors are speaking in their natural language things seem more natural when in real life scenes It is a very nice movie to show to our kids and can be used as a nice entry level movie for European Cinema, for preteen kids. It keeps that good French tradition of great care with image and details. all looks so wonderful! Still it is good fun and in the end it seems to open the door for an absolutely fantastic 3rd one! Hope my expectations come true.

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