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Emma Roberts as Eloise
Mickey Rourke as Ashby Holt
Nat Wolff as Ed Wallis
Sarah Silverman as June Wallis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by IAm Yuraya 7 / 10

Good Enough.

I watched this film with no expectations at all. First Im not familiar with the actors, and second I haven't even watched the trailer. I don't know why I watched. So, definitely this is not one of the best films out there. But the movie's worth your 2 hour-sitting on your sofa or lying down on your bed.

The story was beautifully told. The leads, Mickey Rourke and Nat Wolff were amazing. Looking forward to Nat's in more movies. The phasing of the story on the first half was a bit slow which I think made my 3% off from my rating.

Watch this when you're in a good mood or just wanna kill time. :)

Reviewed by CynicalDriver 8 / 10

Unexpected Surprise

I started watching this movie not expecting much, and got something unique for my efforts. While the story seems a little dated, the acting is actually quite good. Emma Roberts and Sara Silverman do excellent jobs in their supporting roles, while Mickey Rourke steals pretty much every scene he is in. It all makes for a pretty good watch.

What this is not is a movie about a spy. This is a movie about a kid (Nat Wolff) who needs a little old-school guidance to grow up, and gets it in spades when he makes himself a part of Ashby's (Rourke) life. This will not be one of those movies that people talk about in 20 years, but it does its job for today, so if you can't figure out what to watch tonight, giver it a shot. You might be surprised.

8/10 - Because the movie has heart, with a hint of attitude, yet doesn't trip over itself with the spy angle like most of these kinds of films would.

Reviewed by Fernando Andrade 6 / 10

A bowl of trail mix

Going into Ashby, I was hoping for a well directed,smaller, coming-of-age film. What I got was more like a bowl of trail mix. This film contains a hand full of positives; decent performances, heartfelt moments, and what I enjoyed most of all was the humor.

It was really light hearted and I really connected with Nat Wolff's character Ed. However, he is the only one I really connected with. Ashby (Mickey Rourke) was a fun character, that was not fully developed, and had more to offer. Then we had Eloise (Emma Roberts) the love interest, and June Wallis (Sarah Silverman), Ed's mom. These two characters for me felt bland and except for a couple of funny moments with Sarah Silverman, didn't do much for me.

Then we get into the main plot of the story, and although I was never lost, there was way too many sub plots and holes that were never really addressed. The pace of the film also felt stop and go, where in some instances it flowed well, then all of a sudden it braked to a stop and slowed down, then sped back up. The tone also changed from scene to scene and I couldn't figure out what the director was going for exactly.

Although I did not love this film, I didn't hate it either. I especially loved Nat Wolff's performance in the first and second acts, but then he lost me towards the end, when the movie shifted completely. Overall, I look at this film as a light-hearted, comedy, coming-of-age movie, that tries to be a lot of other things as well. I would recommend checking it out if you have spare time or if you want to hear Mickey Rourke's amazing voice.

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