Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by accgineu 8 / 10

A smart and funny ride, not exactly for everyone

//If you haven't heard of or even seen Steward Ashens work yet, your reaction to this may be mixed.\\

Ashens and the quest for the game child was not something I was expecting to come out. When the first video about it came out, I thought it was just a joke but little did I know that it was actually serious... and that the movie would be a fun movie that makes fun of itself in the progress! Egg my house because I'm not British, but I'm proud to say that I loved watching Ashens look for a worthless video game console for one hour and 30 minutes, and without spoiling anything, the ending made me both happy and odd feeling. However, the jokes are for the most part funny, yet not all of them were very funny. Some jokes were references to some British shows I've never seen, and a few others won't be very funny if you don't get the reference. But that's this movie's fatal flaw: if you don't get the references, you won't be laughing that much. While I do recommend Ashens and the quest for the game child it has a big star sign that clearly states that this movie is not for everyone. I also thought it the claymation scene was cool, and I instantly caught on to the fact that it was done by Lee Hardcastle. The plot was a little hit and miss, sometimes it caught onto something I hadn't thought about, but most of the time it was being silly just to mock itself later. I liked the plot when it was being silly but by the time it got serious I just facepalmed. I liked it when it mocked itself but sometimes I was just left with a 'what just happened' face.

So overall do I recommend Ashens and the quest for the game child? It really depends on if you get the references or not, but overall it's still very funny, and a good effort for a bit of a low budget film.

(also the films now on DVD and Blu-Ray, but that's only in the UK)

Pros: +Often funny plot +Funny... for the most part +Ashens is a good main character

Cons: -Jokes rely too heavily on references -Ending kinda lost me -Sometimes hit and miss plot

Reviewed by Introvert Critic 10 / 10

This is bloody good!

I watched this one YouTube and it was just like any other masterpiece movie. Some scenes are amazing, like when Stuart dropped the Game Child down to it's demise, and scenes where the characters talk for a long time. My favorite is the scene where Stuart ruins the Game Child. That might be the only visual effect in the movie. There is a CD counterfeit that shows that the movie is rated R. In the UK, it is rated PG by the BBFC or how about 12A? It is weird that the movie is R rated here because there is no, sex nor nudity, but there is violence and few profanity.

I highly recommend buying this movie, or simply find it on YouTube. I do not know why they made a DVD and Blu-Ray of a movie put on YouTube, but still.

Reviewed by spmact 5 / 10

I wanted to like this

Seeing the cover and subject, I though I'd be in for a nice little indie treat with 80s nostalgia and some laughs. However, this didn't have much of either (a little bit of nostalgia, zero laughs). Normally I wouldn't have cared enough to write a review about this, but because of all the other reviews giving it great scores I felt I had to give another perspective so people wouldn't get their hopes up.

I've never seen the YouTube series so I didn't know what to expect, but this film wasn't entertaining at all. I seemed like it was trying to be funny, but I couldn't really tell. I guess that's how bad the humour was, since it didn't even really register as humour. I don't remember laughing once. The story wasn't that great either. It was just things happening to move the plot along, but failed at doing it in an interesting way.

In the end I could only get through about half of the film before I had to stop due to lack of any entertainment whatsoever. I'm baffled at why there are so many good reviews. Perhaps friends of the crew? If not, then I'm happy they could find some entertainment in this since I certainly couldn't.

Don't say you weren't warned. I've seen good indie. This isn't it.

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