Ass Backwards


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 1 / 10

Not even those painted on smiles in the poster should fool you.

No, no, no, and for the Third time trying to watch this load of crap, No! Creepy is only funny when they are not going this far out of their way to be creepy. This is the Dumb, and Dumberer ladies choice edition, written by morons who "partook" just a bit too much of the "inspirational" "substance" and actually started thinking this was funny. On the tails on movies like Bridesmaids,and bestman down, they try to wash this kind on nonsense down your throat, but they forget, you didn't have to go out to rent that movie, you could tell from the first ad you saw what a marvel of nonsense they had brought. The real shame of this movie is the cast, a really solid group were brought together only to throw pennies in a pot, and call it a Leprechaun pot o'gold. All the power to you if you Enjoy this, but I sure didn't, and won't be trying again either.

Reviewed by stimablue 1 / 10

A few moments that provoke awkward laughter & female butt shots.

I won't attempt to explain the plot or purpose of this "wannabe imitation" of a film but I'll share a few thoughts on what stood out to me.

A brief shot "from behind" of 2 women squatting over a public sidewalk revealing unnecessary ass shots from a distance; releasing a flood of urine. Is that funny? What if it was 2 men in that same position, not erect & urinating? Would that be funny instead? We live in a society ruled by You-Tubers and all their childish antics for easy/forced laughs from viewers willing to laugh at anything.

Which means, most of the dumb gimmicks and/or jokes are recycled. Usually very dry self-serving humor or over the top silly behavior; that always seems to be inside jokes between the writers of this type of film (similar to the skits on Saturday Night Live).

What I never understand is why the so called funniest characters are always written to be clueless idiots throughout, then they have brief moments of clarity as if the writers forgot how stupid the characters were written a moment before writing a new scene.

As I write this "review", I notice the two main characters urinating in public. This 3rd & final time while in a cemetery, they squat directly over the camera and before we can see their privates parts in an extreme close-up; the film CUT TO the end credits. I'm an ass lover myself but it's clear the writers and/or film directors has a fetish/thing for women squatting to pee "always watching" from behind.

I just realized that my little "review" might have you believe this film is something that it is not because of a few scenes that I've described. It's not entertaining and it's not kinky. It's that usual nonsense that's suppose to be funny these days.

Reviewed by gfxdave99 1 / 10

Piece of Crap

This movie is one of those movies that you keep watching because you're like, oh come on the premise is so good it has to pick up at some point and get funny.

Nope it never does, the only thing this movie does is string you along the whole time hoping for some great comedic payoff that never happens.

And I LIKE crappy movies most of the time. But i really wish i could unwatch this. It literally makes me angry that I watched it when I think about it. The last movie that made me feel this way was The Smokers, but at least that movie had some kind of humor.

If you have any inkling to watch this movie please do the following.

1. Stop yourself 2. Watch something else 3. Be glad you did

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