Assassination Games


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 14617


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Scott Adkins as Roland Flint
Jean-Claude Van Damme as Vincent Brazil
Kevin Chapman as Culley
Ivan Kaye as Polo Yakur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cB391 8 / 10

Enjoyable Movie!

The two major roles, played by Scott Adkins, and Jean-Claude Van Damme are something that you can relate too. One is fighting to assassinate his target because of love, fighting to try and bring justice for his wife. The second is the opposite. Everything thing is about work, and he is just doing a job. Vincent becomes more open to love throughout the film, as you see the change from the start to the end, and that was a good believable story.

The writing for this movie was great, good action sequences, though at times there was a little too much dialogue, they did make the movie worth watching, but also something that you won't regret having watched later.

Reviewed by MidnightReviewPresents 6 / 10

Proof that one can be redeemed

Most Van Damme fans will be turned off by this movie. It's a lot more dramatic than your average action flick. Or rather, it tries to be. You have one character that is emotionally shut off, and has no human connection (Van Damme) and you have a killer with a heart who is caring for his comatose wife. (Adkins) Wow, they're so deep...... yeah, but what we really want to see is both these actors breaking bad guys faces. Which they do... only too infrequently in this flick.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy this movie. I love every Van Damme movie. It just doesn't deliver the straight action you'd expect. You have to sit through some forced plot first.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Jean-Claude Van Damme's good vehicle as a hit man who finds redemption

This Van Damme action picture displays lots of violence, action filled, thrills and fierce combats . It is entertaining , well paced and including interesting characters . It's thrilling and tense , at time suspenseful movie and the firepower, explosion, struggles, shootouts are very well done . It deals with two assassins agree to work together as one named Roland Flint (Scott Adkins who replaced Vinnie Jones) attempts to revenge his wife (Bianca Bree , also producer) and the other named Vincent Brazil (Jean Claude Van Damme) collect a reward for a job to kill a mobster (Ivan Kaye) which is backed by dirty Interpol Agents . Meanwhile , Vincent helps a prostitute (Marija Karan) but the events go wrong .

¨Assassination games¨ is one of Van Damme's better films . It packs violent action, suspense, shoot-outs, and martial arts fighting and results to be quite amusing . Entertaining movie , thanks to tight pace, skillful edition and well mounted combats . It's tense and exciting , at time lackluster action movie , but the struggles and fighting are well done . During the scene where Flint visits Polo's 'hardware guy', he utilizes a laser-guided gun to target him , the effects used for the mechanical movement is taken from Robocop (1987) . Suffering Van Damme plays finely an affected killer , acting similarly to 'Hard cops' . Enjoyable relationship among two rival assassins , nicely played by Van Damme and Adkins ; both of them form an uneasy alliance to take down a deadly target . Van Damme is good as action hero in this middling budget filmed in Bucharest, Romania and New Orleans, Louisiana ; here Jean Claude plays a hit man , confronting nasties and using his martial-arts skills . Long time ago he played big budget movies (¨Time cop¨, ¨Universal soldier¨ ,¨Double team¨, ¨Hard target¨), nowadays he makes low-medium budget and directly to video (¨Derailed¨ , ¨Wake of death¨ , ¨In hell¨) like in his first films (¨Black eagle¨, ¨Cyborg¨, ¨Bloodsport¨). Remaining cast though unknown make nice acting as Kevin Chapman , Ivan Kaye and special mention to Marija Karan as a beautiful whore mistreated by her pimp . This movie film results to be a standard actioner , but packs interesting main roles , atmospheric action set pieces and is fast movement . It's produced with middling budget by Van Damme and Paul Leonard ; being professionally directed by Bernie Barbarash (¨Ticking clock¨ , ¨Hardwired¨ and ¨Six bullets¨ , again with Van Damme) , though Russell Mulcahy was originally set to shoot . The picture is extremely energetic and to be liked for real devotees of main actor . It's a must see for Van Damme fans.

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