Assault on a Queen


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 709


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Frank Sinatra as Mark Brittain
Richard Conte as Tony Moreno
Reginald Denny as Master-at-Arms
Anthony Franciosa as Vic Rossiter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bobvend 3 / 10

Sinatra sea caper springs a leak

Were they really serious when they tried to make a watchable, entertaining heist caper that otherwise resulted in Assault On A Queen? I couldn't help but wonder the deeper back story to this production.

This has the look and feel of what might have been intended to be a reuniting of the famous Rat Pack clan that Dino, Sammy and Joey wisely decided to pass on (we know Peter Lawford wouldn't have been asked with The Chairman at the helm). If that was indeed the case, Frank had to muddle on with a cast of substitutes, all playing below their game to live down to his expectations.

The climax scenes are so laughably inept, with terribly executed effects...and dialog, that period audiences must have squirmed in their seats. There are far better fish in this sea to catch. Throw Assault On A Queen back.

Reviewed by gilligan1965 9 / 10

The entire concept of this is genius, and, completely unexpected.

With the help of a German submarine Captain, and, a mixed bag of others...Frank Sinatra attempts to recover an old, sunken World War II German submarine and use it to rob a cruise liner!?!?

This is so absolutely's genius! Most everything about this plan is preposterous...but, that's why this movie works so well!

With a cast starring the talented and brilliant Frank Sinatra; the elusive and dangerous Richard Conte; the mysterious and knowledgeable Alf Kjellin; and, the beautiful and alluring Virna will this pan out!?!?

With a "PERFECT" screenplay written by the multi-talented Rod Serling ("The Twilight Zone;" "Seven Days In May;" "The Planet of the Apes;" "The Night Gallery;" etc.), anything can happen in this wonderful epic adventure!

I give this movie NINE STARS! :)

Reviewed by mike582004 10 / 10

A truly enjoyable adventure !

This is a remarkable enjoyable adventure. I first saw this movie when I was a small boy of 8 years old. I have seen it several times since and I am still amazed by how much I like this movie. To an 8 year old this is a tale of adventure , risk , reward , and right over wrong. The musical soundtrack while limited is truly inspired by the plot. If you release yourself from the everyday roll of life and just let that little child in you come out with an awe of the impossible you will totally be absorbed by the picture. The acting is OK , the cloths dated , the bravado overacted but no matter how many things about this movie are just plain bad - the overall premise is inspiring . I am finding it hard to not give away any plot but I would not want to spoil this experience for anyone. Give it a try - you will not be disappointed.

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