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Michelle Jenner as Amy González
Rasmus Hardiker as Marty Farr
Adam James as Scott Goldwing
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

almost good non-Hollywood animation

Billionaire energy magnate Richard Carson III claims that the moon landings were faked. He also claims that NASA rejected his father and vows to be the real first man on the moon. In truth, he's trying to mine Helium-3 on the moon which could be the next great power source and super weapon. The American President decides to dust off an old museum 40 year old Saturn rocket. Mike Goldwing is a wind boarding kid with his friends Amy and techie Marty who has Igor the lizard. His father is picked to be the astronaut for the moon mission. His former astronaut grandfather Frank reluctantly joins all the old crews who are the only experts left in the old rocket. Frank has gone into retirement isolation and estranged from his family ever since he was left off the last moon launch. Mike works to close the family rift and end the family curse by sneaking onto the NASA launch. Only Carson had sent a saboteur.

This is a Spanish animated movie. The animation is good but not at the best Hollywood levels. It's better than TV but not the best of theatrical fare. The story has some positives. The characters are good and I like the kids. The lizard in a spacesuit is stupid. The premise itself has potential but some of it is stupid. An accidental launch is reminiscent of an 80's kids movie. It doesn't make much sense that the kids would break into NASA anyways. The other big noticeable difference is the lack of celebrities doing the voice-work. The modern animated movie needs the celebrities for promotion. It's probably money well spend and this movie fails to do that.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Could have done with more polish, but not bad

There are better animated films out there, let's not beat around the bush, than 'Capture the Flag', but there are far worse out there as well.

'Capture the Flag' is not a great film as such and has its flaws, instead it's a decent film that could have done with more polish. There is a lack of finesse in the quite strange character designs, that do look unfinished. And it is agreed that some of the story has its disjointed and rushed (much of the pacing is suitably efficient though) moments and that some of the scientific stuff does convolute the story and may go over most viewers' heads.

However, there are also some lovely visuals. The colours are vibrant and atmospherically textured enough, and there is a lot of meticulous detail. The music score and song choices have a really nice Spanish flavour.

While not perfect in execution, the script is amusing with some evidence of charm and heart. It also at least knows which target audience it's aiming for and makes a real effort to appeal to both children and adults, it doesn't completely succeed but still the children will have a few chuckles and like the characters and adults will appreciate the neat inside jokes and notion of the importance of family which has enough subtlety to make it too preachy in how it's delivered.

Characters while lacking depth are likable and charming enough, and they are also nimbly voiced.

All in all, could have been a better film with more polish, but not a bad me actually it was pretty decent. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Mehran M 10 / 10

Perfect for Kids!

This animation is so unfairly under-rated. OK... this movie is for kids but i enjoyed it very much because it brought me back to my childhood! There's no reason to compare this with masterpieces like Toy Story. All the crew did their job perfectly.

- Characters are decently developed.

- Facial animations are well done.

- Visual effects are beautiful.

- Igor and Marty are funny.

And remember this movie "is a 2015 Spanish computer-animated science fiction adventure comedy film"!

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