Autumn Blood


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Peter Stormare as The Mayor
Gustaf Skarsgård as The Butcher
Julia Dietze as The Butcher's Wife
Sophie Lowe as The Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hess009 10 / 10

Stunning, Unique

There is almost no dialogue in this movie. I love that wonderful choice. Especially nowadays when every movie seems loud and overwritten. When we are overwhelmed with too many words. often we have words for nothing. Autumn Blood it is full of very dark content and unsettling moments. Yet still the atmosphere of the film is so tremendously beautiful. The story is told through wonderful artistic cinematography.I see lots of European Films, and this is a remarkable masterpiece done by a first time director. The whole subject was treated very tasteful. Especially as a woman I appreciate the sensitivity of the director. And it gives me hope that there are still many great novice filmmakers out there.

Reviewed by sherita1920 6 / 10

Movie was Okay!

I don't understand why there are so many harsh reviews of this movie. I feel that the people who rated this movie so low are being overly critical and reading too much into the movie. The movie was simplistic and left you wondering what is going to happen next. Isn't that what a thriller is supposed to do? Make you wonder or guess what's happening. I do agree, I didn't understand why there wasn't much dialog but that just adds to the mystic of the atmosphere of the movie. I felt that it was good due to the fact that the actors/actresses barely spoke a word. In which dialog is what we are so use to hearing in movies and surely was expecting to hear from this movie and perhaps that's why it was rated so poorly. The location where this movie was shot was breath taking. I recommend this movie but I also recommend that when you watch it don't expect a lot from it. Just enjoy it for what it is and don't try to make it be more than what it is. Just keep in mind, you will barely hear a spoken word in this movie...

Reviewed by xtatisizm 10 / 10

Brilliant, wonderful and brutal

This film does not have much dialogue, and it uses it powerfully.

If you need to have a movie laid out before you then move on, otherwise this is an immensely moving and captivating experience. From the wistfully serene wilderness imagery, to the wonderfully executed roles from the cast we see the a broad spectrum of human emotions conveyed through their hands, eyes, smiles, tears, anguish and pain.

Cinematography could not have been better, the soundtrack simple and subtle. Sophie Lowe shines so bright as "The Girl", the supporting actors balance and round off the ensemble.

This film is not for everyone, and it's brilliance will only be seen by a few; if you believe the most powerful words are the ones not spoken this may be a film for you.

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