Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan


Action / Fantasy / Horror

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Dan Haggerty as Foreman Bill
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Jill Evyn as Trish
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by theshadow1963 3 / 10

Bad, but could be worse

Let's get this out of the way first thing: Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan is a bad movie. Badly acted, badly directed, bad CGI effects (but, of course, you knew that as soon as you saw this listed on the SyFy Channel). And yet, it's entertaining in ways that its creators probably never intended. A group of teenage hoodlum wannabes are punished for their being sent to camp. Their punishment comes in the form of drill-sergeant survivalist cop who clearly should not allowed within 100 feet of minors and a psychiatrist who wants them to get in touch with their feelings. For a teenager, I can't imagine which of them would be worse company for a weekend. As befits a horror movie that needs a body count, you will hate nearly all of these people and want them to die within 15 minutes. Don't worry, you'll get your wish. Pretty soon, the campers are getting pruned by a 15-foot-tall freak who appears to be developmentally disabled, until you realize that, somehow, he was smart enough to make or buy an double-headed ax with a 10-foot handle (C'mon, those things can't be easy to come by!) that's just big enough for a guy his size to use without looking like he's playing with a toy. He's given a back story familiar to anyone who's a fan of "maniac-in-the-back-woods" horror films. The movie plays out exactly as you expect it to. It "stars" (and I'm using the word in its loosest possible interpretation) Dan Haggerty and Joe Estevez. It's a hallmark of how low this movie sinks that its best-known performers are a TV actor whose last significant role was in 1978 and Martin Sheen's cheaper, less talented brother. Haggerty's role is little more than a cameo (and the scariest thing about this movie is, that apart from his hair and magnificently-sculpted beard going from blond to gray, he doesn't appear to have aged a day in the last 40 years). And Estevez spends the entire movie acting as if Gary Busey and Nicholas Cage are inside him, battling for possession of his immortal soul. There's nothing even remotely original about this movie: from turning a folkloric character into a generic psycho killer to the contrived excuses for why nobody's cell phone and car seem to work when they really need them, to the cookie-cutter characters whose odds of survival are inversely proportional to how annoying they are. Even Estevez's third-act freak-out seems oddly derivative. But if you approach this movie with appropriately low expectations, the cheese factor is good for a few laughs.

Reviewed by Sean Jump 8 / 10

The best movie ever made...about a murderous Paul Bunyan

Now this is a b-movie done right. And make no mistake, everyone involved from the director to the cast and crew knew what kind of movie they were making and decided to run with it. The result is a film that is incredibly fun for those of us who like monster movies. Sure, it follows the familiar formula--a group of young adults are stranded out in the woods while a monster stalks them and dispenses bloody death with an axe--but it's the execution that always makes the difference. The script isn't particularly original but it is clever, the actors seem to all be having a blast playing their roles, and the monster is really pretty neat. I mean, it's Paul Bunyan, for crying out loud! Look, this is genre filmmaking, with all that implies. Axe Giant could be a Syfy original in a lot of ways, though it's generally much better crafted than your typical Syfy flick. It's all extremely rough around the edges, but that never detracts from the fun factor. The acting is good enough from everyone involved, the kills are terrific, and the giant, ogre-like monster is a welcome deviation from masked sociopaths and zombies. The woods in which all the mayhem goes down are a great setting for a tale of bloody murder, and the cinematography puts a lot of great scenes together. Finally, the plot rolls to a satisfying climax that has an actual conclusion, unlike many other genre efforts that close with the obligatory, and usually quite stupid, lead-in to a sequel. If you don't like b-movies, then you won't like Axe Giant. But if you do, then you'll love this one. And you'll never think of the legend of Paul Bunyan in quite the same way again!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10

Well at least the scenery and make-up were good...

The scenery is really quite beautiful, the make-up for giant Bunyan is very well done and fearsome and Thomas Downey also was appropriately gruff and humorous. Unfortunately that is all that Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan has in its favour. Apart from the scenery, the look of the film is shoddy, with rushed-through special effects and editing and too many scenes that are shot too brightly. The giant Bunyan looks fearsome enough, but we don't know anything about him and he doesn't have that much of a personality, never coming across as genuinely menacing. And that does dilute things a lot. The dialogue has cheese and awkwardness written all over it, with the banter truly inane. The characters range from obnoxious(Joe Estevez) to bland(pretty much everybody else. The acting is bad really with the best it gets generally being forgettable, only Downey makes any kind of impression. Joe Estevez especially is so bad it's almost comical. What hurts Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan is the story, generally too padded and pedestrian with nothing exciting, suspenseful or even engaging with a lack of any heart. It also takes far too long to get going, we get forty minutes of tiresome and increasingly irrelevant banter before Bunyan arrives on the scene, and sadly even with his presence the movie never quite takes off. Overall, SyFy have done much worse and it is certainly nowhere near as bad as most of the stuff The Asylum has churned out, but still not a good movie at all. 3/10 Bethany Cox

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