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Adrien Brody as Peter Bower
Sam Neill as Duncan Stewart
Robin McLeavy as Barbara Henning
Bruce Spence as Felix
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ladcrooks-26-192893 7 / 10

slowly, but surely gets you.

It was slow to start and had me wondering, do i carry on? Maybe i am impatient or was it my mood that day? Then the mystery starts to unfold and you think you know, but you do not ha! The mystery almost holds it self to the very end.

I'm from old school where the Exorcist still remains my top scary film.

Freddy Kruger and Jason ...... Well them films are for kids, cos they have no imagination and have to live with special effects.

This film is about ones conscience even though he is not aware of for some time. A past that got locked out but comes back when his daughter is involved in a car crash

I gave it a 7 because it was good film

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 6 / 10

This is a movie that has a great idea, an exciting concept, but it never achieves what it could be.

"You don't want to remember." Peter Bower (Brody) is a psychologist that has just discovered something that changes his life. All the patients he has been seeing, and his own psychiatrist do not exist. Mix that with the lost memory of a tragic past and Peter puts his sanity on the line trying to make things right. The more he remembers the more terrifying things become. This is a movie that has a great idea, an exciting concept, but it never achieves what it could be. I did like this and this had elements of the Sixth Sense which worked, but there was just something missing to make this as cool as it could have been. I can't say I was disappointed because I hadn't heard about this before I watched it, but I can say the set up and idea were more exciting than the actual movie was. This is still a good movie that is worth seeing, but it really could have been so much more exciting. Overall, I did like it but sadly the idea was better than the execution. I give this a B-.

Reviewed by Gino Cox 6 / 10

Well executed but a few problems in the script

"Backtrack" is well executed. The acting and cinematography are competent and professional. Special effects are more than adequate. It economically manages to convey a sense of desolation, solitude and creepiness.

Horror films generally adhere to a simple basic formula. A sinful act unleashes a supernatural power that wreaks vengeance on the guilty, but spares the innocent and those who repent. Occasionally films like "The Sixth Sense" and "Ghost Town" effectively embellish the basic formula in novel, interesting and dramatically gratifying ways.

"Backtrack" deviates from the basic horror conventions, but does not provide anything superior and is inconsistent. Arguably innocent people are caused to suffer. The supernatural forces torment the protagonist who is not the sole or even the most guilty party. They seem to want his help or he wants their help, but they seem equally capable of interacting with the most guilty party without him. It's not clear whether they need the protagonist's help or they want to involve him in order to help him expiate his guilt. The supernatural forces do not have a consistent understanding of their status.

The supernatural forces do not behave randomly, but even though they operate in concert, it's not clear that they understand their purpose or the master plan. Their motives for particular actions aren't always clear. They don't always seem to be on the same page.

Some of the early scenes are ambiguous. It's not clear whether the protagonist is alive, dead, dreaming, deluded, hallucinating or what. We have dreary, foreboding scenes of abandoned buildings and streets and empty trains. Everybody who visits the protagonist seems unusual. He never interacts with anybody who seems entirely normal. Then suddenly, his world is populated, but the reason for the transition is unclear.

The movie would have been stronger with a clearer concept of who and what the supernatural elements were, why they did what they did and what they know or believe about the events in question. If they need the protagonist's assistance to discover who was the guiltiest, that could have been clearer. If they have several suspects, why torment only the protagonist? One of the supernatural entities knows the whole story. Why they don't go after the guiltiest party directly is unclear, except that a negligent act gave him some special insights, but that resulted in the death of an innocent, so the story is less satisfying.

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