Backyard Ashes


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kenosull 9 / 10

Funny, especially for cricket fans

A mate in Australia recommended this movie to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's light-hearted and silly and packed with loads of subtle cricket references (Jardine, Dexter, Harlequin caps, impersonations of famous commentators etc.) which keeps the narrative moving along at a very predictable but steady pace. The story is a bit weak but it's never less than highly entertaining. At times, the stereotypes are a little obvious but remember folks that this is a COMEDY. It's meant to be funny and in the manner of the typical Australian cinematic style (and its refreshing non-conformity to a PC strait-jacket), it entertains without offending.

Reviewed by lexigist-312-557999 10 / 10

A down to earth Aussie Movie

If you liked The Castle or The Dish, then this movie is for you. The characterisations were good, although the "posh" English accent was a bit off. Many of the actors are not terribly well known which gives it an authentic feel. Set in Wagga Wagga a town in outback NSW and full of consummate Aussie humour this movie portrays a typical Australian family with no frills, just a movie about mates and mateship, cricket of the backyard variety and breaking down boundaries - eventually!! Well done to Crow Crow Productions, an independent production company that focuses on the development of New Australian film, and such a shame the Australian movie distributors didn't pick this one up.

Reviewed by ptb-8 8 / 10

Plenty of laughs with solid runs on the board.

This very funny backyard movie is a revelation in home grown film making. A National past time in Australia is Backyard Cricket. Also, Internationally each year teams play in huge stadiums and it is all televised daily across Summer. For anyone who does not know Cricket, especially in the USA, this film won't play well. But for British and probably Indian / Pakistani families, this film will be a scream Here is a film that combines working class comedy and family with sharp satire and a lot of Aussie suburban sports slang most successfully. Imagine THE FULL MONTY mixed with THE CASTLE and KENNY and played in a backyard during a game of Neighbour/Employer cricket. I personally do not like cricket and could not care less about it on TV and in matches that go for days. However, this hilarious 85 minute micro movie transcends all barriers just by being funny and good natured. A strong silly script, ripe performances and sunny satire, nice kids and surprising digital sharp picture and sound, BACKYARD ASHES is a school holiday movie delight and easy to have the family laughing out loud. A big hit in regional cinemas, suburban audiences will also lap it up if given the chance.

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