Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Sarah Dumont as Jessica
Danny Trejo as Frank Vega
Dante Basco as Gangly Asian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thekarmicnomad 5 / 10

Hard to pigeon hole.

I am at a loss to place this film, I'm not even sure if I enjoyed it or not, or if I could recommend it.

This is an action film with a ridiculous plot where some old guys have to go and beat up some other guys; but that really isn't important.

This isn't a 'serious' action movie like Die Hard or Transporter but it isn't a full send up like Black Dynamite or Gravy Train.

The production is strange. Normally when someone throws a grenade you get a slow motion sequence of the grenade in flight, followed by a close up of the villains face, then a few seconds of explosion. Here grenade leaves hand the next frame is bad guy blowing up.

There is lots of action, the fight scenes are fast and furious but aren't particularly well choreographed. Glover and Trejo deliver their cheesy lines and punch people adequately enough.

Don't take this too serious and you may enjoy. I did... I think.

Reviewed by livimak 10 / 10

Great Action Comedy

I enjoyed the first one but really didn't know what to expect with the second one... but sure enough it delivered and it delivered hard. One of the better action comedies I've seen in a long time. Good story, well choreographed action scenes and solid cast but most of all this movie had heart. Trejo and Glover are hilarious together. What I love best is that this movie doesn't take itself seriously as it takes a page out of some of the great '80's action comedies complete with tongue in cheek one liners. Loved that they cast Jonathan Lipnicki ("Jerry Maguire") and the addition of Loni Love takes the comedy to a whole other level. Was very excited to hear that they're making a third installment of the film with third Bad Ass John Amos. "Expendables" got nothing on this movie.

Reviewed by Wizard-8 5 / 10

If you liked the first movie...

I enjoyed the original "Bad Ass" movie, so I looked forward to this sequel when I heard about its release. I had to search for it in several video stores in my city, but I eventually found it. Was it worth the wait? Overall, I would say yes. The sequel has the good idea of giving the lead character an equally old and grumpy partner, and the two Dannys (Trejo and Glover) playing the leads manage to generate some great chemistry. It also helps that their characters have been written to be very likable not just together, but apart. The movie has generally good production values and moves from scene to scene fairly quickly, so there are no boring parts. Don't get me wrong, this movie is not perfect. The movie cheapens out at one point by extensively using footage from the 1990 movie "Narrow Margin". Also, the movie's mix of yuk-yuk comedy with hard violence does give the movie an inconsistent (and weird) feeling at times. Fortunately, there's more good stuff than disappointing material here. So if you liked the first movie, chances are you'll like this sequel.

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