Bad Influence


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 6057


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James Spader as Michael Boll
Rob Lowe as Alex
David Duchovny as Club Goer with Glasses
John de Lancie as Howard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by russmillerwy 8 / 10

Beyond good and evil

This is the most textbook demonstration of Nietzsche I've ever seen. Rob Lowe is the gifted liar prepared to go all the way to get whatever he wants and keep himself entertained. Spader is the timid, uptight yuppie who doesn't understand just how much he's in for when Lowe's "will to power" rubs off on him. What ensues would bring anybody back to good old fashioned organized religion. A morality play taken to extremes that nonetheless works as a thriller, too. Worth seeing. 8.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10

"Alex" - One Of The More Evil Characters Of The '90s

"Bad Influeince:" Yup, that's a good title for one of the main characters in this movie: "Alex," played by Rob Lowe. His grin alone is pure evil! In fact, Lowe's character is one of the lowest I've encountered in these modern-day thrillers. This also could be called a modern "noir," because it has a lot of that genre's qualities. This also is different from the normal cops-vs.- crooks film.

As bad as "Alex" was, I couldn't root for the other main character, either: "Michael Boll" (James Spader). Spader is one of these actors that seems to play very snotty, unlikeable people. Maybe he's just good at play annoying characters.

An odd character, and one that added to this film, was the guy (Christian Clemenson) who played Spader's older, stoned-out brother "Pismo." What a loser.....but an interesting person.

I really was intrigued by this film the first time I saw it but less so in the next two viewings, finally trading this in for something else. But for one viewing, it's recommended for crime fans, or people who just plain like evil characters.

Reviewed by troy-cagle 8 / 10

This movie rocked for many reasons

To me this movie was about a lifestyle. The music in this movie was very underground and featured Skinny Puppy tracks ('Who's Laughing Now?')along with a host of other interesting songs. The main dance-floor scene was very well done and gave a glimpse into the underworld of recreation drugs. Rob Lowe and James Spader delivered convincing roles and were a perfect fit for this cult classic. I'm still looking for the song featured on this movie with the lyrics "I wanna take you down"... It was cool. The movie was cool. Guess you have to appreciate the music at one point in your life to appreciate this type of movie...


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