Bad Johnson


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 4200


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Jamie Chung as Jamie
Cam Gigandet as Rich Johnson
Nick Thune as Rich's Penis
Katherine Cunningham as Lindsay Young
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tss5078 6 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078

Some comedies are hilarious, others are down right stupid, and then there is the story of Rich Johnson (Cam Gigandent). Like most men, Rich only thinks with his penis, and it often gets him into trouble, so one night, Rich makes a wish that his penis would leave him alone, and that's exactly what it does. Rich's penis detaches, and comes to life in the form of a walking, talking, human being. In the beginning, this film is an absolute riot, but how many penis jokes can you squeeze into a 90 minute film? Eventually Bad Johnson deteriorates into an eighth graders favorite movie, and becomes really tiresome, but in the insanity, something emerges, (besides Rich's penis), Cam Gigandent. I've seen Gigandent around, and he's usually playing the good looking guy, who's roles really doesn't have much substance, until now. As is the case with most actors, it takes time to find their niche, but Gigandent's may very well be comedy. He was the level headed one, who really blurts out the hysterical line when it is sorely needed, and he was far better than Nick Thune, the man who literally was playing a penis. Bad Johnson isn't the kind of film you'll want to see twice, the jokes are old before the film is even over, but if you're looking for a few good, cheap laughs, this film is absolutely perfect.

Reviewed by asiroka 1 / 10

Bland boring unfunny tedious awful movie

I would venture to guess any review submitted above a 1/10 is submitted by people involved with the film. This is a film no one will enjoy. The type of person who would want to see a movie about a talking penis wouldn't want their main character to be an unrelatable stud. The type of guys who would like a movie about a stud guy who gets all the chicks and works out all the time are not the type of guys who would want to hear long winded speeches about how sleeping around is bad because women are people blah blah lame speech you've heard in 9 million other bad movies. Women wont like this movie that treats them like they are fleshlights who can never have more than 3 lines of dialogue in a scene. Its really bad but Its not so bad its good. its just unfunny cliché and bland bad. This movie is for no one.

It doesn't even have the premise the poster and title say it does. his penis is not replaced with a man who talks to him. There is just a full grown guy walking around who says he's his penis but rarely says anything that would lead you to believe he's anything other than his lousy brother. If you were to miss the unbelievably horribly acted scene where his penis calls him on the phone while wacky music plays and he acts like it makes some sense that his penis could call him. I guess he lives in a world of magic and wonder that we only see glimpses of in that every woman he meets wants to have sex with him after 1 second like in a porno.

The jokes aren't even jokes most of the time they don't even make any sense a lot of the time. Nothing in this movie is funny. sometimes gross things are mentioned which is not a joke. he mentions a girl had hairy nipples' that's gross and not a joke and makes me hate the movie. he said his "privates look like a Japanese mans armpit". What does that look like? thats not a common thing most people can relate to. a guy says oh "its like carrot top people go to see him but no one wants to sleep with him" Thats such a stupid thing to say carrot top is known for only having 3 somes because he has so much sex because he has 100 million dollars. oh that reminds me

That carrot top line was said while a character explains not to go to the hospital after his dickis cut off because hed be put on TV shows and exploited by the media. That's dumb logic even by this movies standards.

This movie sucks its painful to try to get through it. Its maybe the worst movie iv ever seen i mean there is nothing to like for anyone for any reason. its just lazy, unfunny and boring.


Reviewed by chasequailman 5 / 10

Bad acting and directing. Hilariously crude writing.

Overall this movie was bad, not compelling, completely predictable (pun intended). The acting in it was fairly bad, as well as the directing and overall production of the movie. That sounds like a recipe for a 1 or 2 out of 10. But no, the writing and jokes in the script, although VERY crude, are hilarious to a certain audience. If that script had landed on the doorstep of the complete cast of This Is the End I think it would have been a success. The script and jokes therein are the only reason to watch this film. If nothing else, you can take away the one-liners and jokes from this crude and hilarious could-have-been. Jeff Tetreault needs a broader audience and larger scope of people to work with. And yes, I did have to look up him name on IMDb.

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