Balto III: Wings of Change


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Musical

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Carl Weathers as Kirby
Jean Smart as Stella
Sean Astin as Kodi
Kathy Najimy as Dipsy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xWhiteFang 4 / 10

Poor Ending To The Balto Sequels

The original Balto was amazing. A much-loved favourite of mine. I also enjoyed Balto II - Wolf Quest. But then came Balto III - Wings of Change. First impressions, poor animation with computer animated elements. None of the characters had their original voices - nor did they even sound like the originals. Whoever thought up Stella the Goose should be sued. She is an unnecessary character who, in my mind, ruins the entire film. I do like Kodi, Balto's son in this film. He is given a lovely character and makes the film actually worth watching. No mention is given to Aleu though? All in all, this is a poor ending to the Balto sequels and was most probably even less popular than poor Balto was originally. An addition to a Balto fans collection but otherwise, do not waste your money.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Not that bad a sequel

It is not as good as the first film, which I just love. But it is a notch above the second film, which I personally didn't think was that bad, just the weakest of the three. There are some things that were lacking. The animation is rather rough-around-the-edges, more in the character designs than in the backgrounds and graphics. There are some scenes also detailed in another review that do feel a little random and feel little more than filler. And I really disliked the character of Stella, she was annoying and served no real purpose to the story. However, apart from Stella's song, which I have always found ear-gratingly-bad, the songs are really quite nice especially the credits song. The soundtrack has that mysterious whimsy that fits wonderfully, and the dialogue is thought-provoking and means well. There are also improvements over Wolf Quest, there is a much more coherent story, there is more of the first movie's feel here and Kodi is a much more likable character than Aleu. Other than Stella the characters are great. The voice acting, while not as good as any of that of the first film, is decent. Sean Astin is great as Kodi, and as Balto, while not sounding entirely like Kevin Bacon, Maurice LaMarche again shows what a superb voice actor he is. Jodi Benson is appropriately sympathetic as Jenna, and Keith Carradine brings a certain gruffness to Duke. All in all, not a bad sequel if not on the same level as the original Balto. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by H. Martin (~AleXa~) 6 / 10

Much better than the 2nd, but still lacking...

Overall, for a direct-to-video movie, this was pretty good. There actually was a coherent plot, better character writing (as compared to the 2nd one), and awesome graphics. But, I still don't feel that this movie captured the true essence of Balto.

My two biggest problems with this movie are 1) the voices. It really detracts from animated sequels when they don't use the same actors. I sit there through half the movie not really believing it's that character because I'm trying to get used to the different voice. And 2) The writers conveniently left Aleu out of the story just to better fit their plot. That makes the story even less believable to me because you know he has a daughter and she's just not there...I mean, at least give an explanation as to why she's not in the story. And yes, this is a kid's animated movie, and some may argue that I'm holding my standards too high, but one of the key elements to making a successful sequel is to make it believable--you have to feel like you're in the movie, and believe what you're seeing.

As for the actual content of the movie, the plot in this one is much better. There actually is a purpose, and while it's not as heroic or pivotal as in the first Balto, it is still important. Personally, I think it would've been a lot more interesting if Balto had been in a race and gotten hurt somewhere in the wilderness, and his son Kodiak & his daughter Aleu had to lead a team to find him and save him. I would also have put Jenna on Balto's team...I don't like that she just sits on the sidelines and delivers good advice--her character has much more potential than that. I think the solo sequences with Boris & Stella detract from the movie. It started off well because we care about Boris and like that he's found someone, but then they just go off the deep end with the song and dance number. The only song worthwhile in this movie was Jenna's song to Balto, but even then, the 'lyrics' as it were are so one-dimensional and juvenile I couldn't decide whether to laugh or scoff.

Overall, I think the ratings for this sequel are inflated because the 2nd one was such a disappointment. The big difference with this movie is that it does partially recapture the feel of the first Balto, but the characters are still severely underdeveloped and a little typecast. So while this movie is definitely watchable, there wasn't enough conflict and/or obstacles in this movie to make it interesting and further the plot along, especially considering there is no villain.

Kudos to the CG animators and directors, but next time work on better character development and PLEASE, if you can't get the same voice talents, get some with the same voice tone.

5.5 out of 10

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