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Mark Hamill as Niju the Evil Wolf
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Reviewed by Callie 1 / 10

This was awful!

Yes, I'm going to rant on about how horrible this movie is. I understand there are a lot of people who DID think this movie was great, and I actually wish I could be one of them. But this has got to be the worst sequeal of all times. Balto was such a classic! Here are some examples of how they ruined it: The animation. It was horrbile. The wolves didn't even look like wolves, and they looked completely out of wack from the first movie. And it seemed at the end of the movie it just started to get worse. All the good animation was put into that dumb little totem pole. I hated the drawings. Then there's the dialouge. For one thing- what's up with Boris? Suddenly he can't talk right? And not that I loved Muk and Luk from the first movie, but they were REALLY annoying in the second one. And howcome they were STILL cubs, even after Aleu was adult? Speaking of Aleu, who in there right mind gets mad at their parents and runs off because of their HERITAGE? It's not like Balto had control of who HIS parents were. And most of the dialouge in this movie was really cheap. Especially in the bear scene. And the whole "I'm following a raven, wow, you are too?" thing. And that mouse...eerrr. When Aleu walked into that cave and the song started to play, I actually thought the movie was getting a little better. It was such a pretty background song. But the MOUSE was singing it. Mice don't sing, and no one sang in Balto. Plus he was just creepy. How did he "appear" there next to Aleu at the end of the movie? Two more things. Nava and Niju. Niju was just some sad copy of Steele (what happend to him anyway?)He had no real purpose to be mad! And what was up with all that melting into trees and magic stuff? The first balto was based all on fact except the talking stuff, which it would've been boring without. All in all, Balto 2: Wolf Quest, was the worst sequeal ever- and it totally destroyed Balto. Balto was the story of a wolf-dog who longed to belong and run in a sled race, and he ended up saving Nome, Alaska. What did Aleu do? Nothing! There WOULD have been a message in that movie, if it even made since (like I said before, if you're upset about your heritage, that's YOUR problem, not your parents). This movie had no drama, no romance, not even any comedy.

P.S. What was up with that thing at the begining of the movie where the pups were being sold? Why didn't they choose Aleu? She was the only one left behind! That was SO Oliver and Company. And after what Balto did, who WOULDN'T want a half wolf- half dog? Really, the makers of this movie could've done better. With a little thought, even I could've done better.

Reviewed by funjokerjake 5 / 10

`Balto II' An Enjoyable Wolf Quest

What with the popularity of their numerous direct-to-video sequels to The Land Before Time and An American Tail, it's not surprising that Universal's latest video offering is a sequel to their 1995 Balto. The original is based on the true story of a dog who, facing unbelievable dangers, brought medicine to those of Nome, Alaska when many children were suffering a life-threatening sickness. This one finds Balto father to some adorable pups, all of whom are adopted by a human eight weeks after birth – except Aleu, who looks more like a wolf then her half-wolf father. When a hunter mistakes her for one, Balto reveals the truth about her mixed heritage, and she runs – with Dad hot on her trail, thanks to a mysterious raven from a reoccurring nightmare. The result is an enjoyable Wolf Quest, which surprisingly doesn't do harm to the original. While the animation here isn't top-notch – more Cartoon Network-ish -- that's to be expected from a direct-to-video sequel. Indeed, the film's main fault is being a musical – featuring a singing rat – something the first movie never was designed to be. The songs are good, and fit well, but longtime fans of the original might be a bit disappointed. On a nicer note, the villains from within the wolf pack pleasantly resemble Steele and his gang of bully dogs from the first movie, and the bear sequence would have been just as brilliant as the one in the original if not for the cheesy `inner knowing' ending to the scene. By far not as good as the first, but a wonderful movie nonetheless, and one I'll definitely watch again. ***** (5/5).

Reviewed by Kristine ( 6 / 10

For a kid's movie, it's very charming

Since my friend lent me the movie Balto, I decided to see what the sequels were all about and also show it to my cousin, maybe he might get into it as well since he's 5 and he really liked it and so did I. Balto 2 may not have been up to par with the first Balto, but it did just as well with the story. I think because so many children could relate to where they stand in the world, they know they belong with Mom and Dad, but where does their life go?

Balto now has kids, including a little wolf named Aleu, Aleu doesn't understand why her sisters and brothers were adopted and why she wasn't. Balto finally explains how she looks more like a wolf than a dog and she freaks out and runs away. Balto goes to find her, in the end, they meet another wolf pack who is running out of food and need a new leader to guide them to food and start a new generation of wolves. Aleu is finally discovering her place in the world.

The animation was great and so was the story, I wish they didn't cut the ending so shortly, but I understand, kids usually have a short attention span, so it's all good. But I would recommend Balto II: Wolf Quest for a good family film to watch together. It was a really sweet and lovely film that anyone could be touched by.


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