Bangkok Dangerous


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Reviewed by Coventry 5 / 10

Shockingly mundane & ordinary…

"Bangkok Dangerous" isn't a bad film – or at least not as bad as most of the reviews around here claim – but it is an astonishingly ordinary film that features literally every cliché of "hired assassin" concept you can possibly think of. There's the lonely and super-skilled hit man who intents to pull of one last job before quitting the business for good, he teaches his errand boy to become his successor, finds love and happiness with a girl for the first time and – last but not least – refuses to make the final hit because his target is a noble individual. We know this is the prototypic pitch of every thriller in its type, yet we still pay the full price of a cinema ticket because the film stars Nicolas Cage and we'll probably see a lot of spectacular action and virulent gunfire. "Bangkok Dangerous" is a big-budgeted remake of a Thai thriller released in 1999, which was also directed by the Pang brothers. In the original, the hit man was a deaf-mute but since Nicolas Cage is far too expensive to have him shut up the whole time, they made his love interest a deaf-mute instead. Unfortunately, this takes away the one truly ingenious aspect about the original. What remains is a painfully predictable and bland thriller that can't even be saved by the handful of impressively staged action sequences. Still I wouldn't call "Bangkok Dangerous" a complete waste of time, though, as there are a couple of stylish and worthwhile – albeit less obvious – elements working in its favor. Nic Cage gives a good performance as the unworldly killer and particularly the Pang Bros' depiction of the city of Bangkok is deeply enchanting. Especially at night it looks like a melancholic and depressing place infested with prostitution, petty crimes and perverted tourists. The moody soundtrack emphasizes the atmosphere of melancholy even more. This is definitely not a film that'll increase the tourist business there. Otherwise there's very little to say about "Bangkok Dangerous". If you're a fan of Nicolas Cage and rough action, you won't regret giving this one a look. Just realize you'll have completely forgotten about it the next day.

Reviewed by azgalarneau 3 / 10

Lame, boring and obvious

I don't care how interesting the scenery is if you know the entire story arc in the first 45 seconds - and you haven't even watched the trailer. Nic Cage looks like a corpse and his acting isn't much better. The relationship that the film puts forward is as believable as a love affair between a squirrel and a stuffed alligator. Plus of course the story has Cage break every rule he says is important - but never offer a plausible motivation. Maybe the original was really something, but this version is dead on arrival and should be saved for the second DVD in a video night, when you want everyone to leave your house and let you get some sleep.

Reviewed by mattwaterhouse 4 / 10


This is about an assassin called Joe who decides to end his career after his next trip abroad. The next trip is to (you'll never guess) Bangkok, where he has 4 people to kill, and he hires a young crook to work for him. However, Joe begins to break his own rules as he begins to see something of himself in the crook and falls in love with a deaf chemist.

I feel sorry for Nicolas Cage. He is possibly the biggest victim of typecasting in Hollywood, and he does his best with the roles he is given but the odd film slips through the net, and sadly Bangkok Dangerous is one of them. Nic is distinctly average in this and the performances of the supporting cast aren't much better with the notable exception of Charlie Yeung, who delivers a fine performance as the love interest.

This film isn't awful, it just suffers from an average and completely unoriginal script. This is Action Movie 101, and unlike some movies it doesn't get away with it by glossing over the cracks with special effects, like Wanted. Like Wanted, I successfully predicted the entire plot straight after Nic's opening monologue. Some scenes were very good, some very bad, the scale is balanced. The movie is like Marmite, you'll either love it or hate it.

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