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Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire
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Reviewed by Fox in Socks 10 / 10

My girlfriend liked it just as much as I did

Cheese. The key to enjoying this movie is not take it seriously! Don't expect great art! It's based on a comic book, it's got guns and 'splosions and Pamela Anderson pre-reduction. Waddaya want, Ingmar Bergman? It entertained me, and I didn't have to use my brain once. I even bought a copy, it sits on the shelf between "Brief Encounter" and "Apocalypse Now". Its miles better than the dreadful "The Mummy" or the unspeakably bad "Independence Day".

Okay, have a review. The plot is a shameless rip-off of Casablanca and makes no effort to hide it. It made me laugh, has some great dialogue, and is never actually slow. It's OBVIOUS that the cast and crew had a brilliant time making it, and that really shows on screen. Steve Railsback is brilliant, as is the uniformly excellent Udo Kier.

And its got guns and 'splosions and Pam!

Reviewed by cygnus x-1 7 / 10

Pam's got nice breasts.....and that's the end of the film

first of all, i rated this film a 7 but not on a normal film scale. no, i rated it this on a cheesy so-bad-it's great level and in that respect this movie is well done.

first of all, Pamela Anderson literally looks like a barbie doll in this so a little typecasting is evident. she delivers her lines like a cyborg at times, she has a hard time keeping her fantastically huge breasts in her outfit during the film's 'action' scenes and the plot is, believe it of not, a ripoff of Casablanca!!

the rest of the actors deliver their lines in a tongue in cheek fashion that suits the film's cheesy and overdone demeanor.

the good thing is is that much of the dialogue is unintentionally hilarious and the use of slow motion is used during action scenes to highlight some unusual things (rent it to find out what i mean.)

a classic in the so-bad-it's-good genre and a showcase for how if you're going to make a bad film, put all your heart into it and pile the cheese until it's extra high.

rating:7 (on a cheese level) 3 (on a legitimate movie scale)

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10

A fair time-killer.

"Barb Wire" was pretty transparently designed as a showcase for both Pamela Anderson's body (too "artificial" for my taste) and her newly-acquired martial arts skills (which, I must say, are quite remarkable). Other than that, it has nothing new to offer to the sci-fi/comic-book adventure genre, although it has a few (too few!) well-executed action sequences and a more professional look than thematically similar crap like "The Demolitionist". (**)

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