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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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Evan Rachel Wood as Daisy Kensington
J.K. Simmons as Dr. Bertleman
Scott Speedman as Jay Wheeler
Treat Williams as Mr. Wheeler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tanjareen-1 8 / 10

a diff movie , y is it being criticized

As a German movie fan I am familiar with Til Schweiger's original 'Barfuss' (2005). But since I always try to keep an open mind I was intrigued to see this remake - and I wasn't disappointed.

'Barefoot' - as an americanized version - tells the story a little bit different and dips more into the romantic (comedy) genre. That's fine by me because a mere copy of Schweiger's film would be pretty redundant. Evan Rachel Wood plays beautifully and portrays an adorable innocence in her role as 'Daisy', the mental patient accompanying Scott Speedman's 'Jay' to his brothers wedding. Their unusual bond is sweet and the movie has more of a light romantic dramedy tone than the original. The colors are warm and the tempo is upbeat but slows down for some nicely done heart-to-heart scenes. I especially loved the setup of certain pivotal scene towards the end.

I can already hear all those serious movie 'critics' moaning about yet another unnecessary remake but that's just it - this remake is not unnecessary. It tells a similar story with a different tone, in a different light, with a different background - transitioning it to a lighter genre. It's not taking anything away from the original - I see it as more of a bonus and really liked it.

Reviewed by garychapman72 9 / 10

A rom-com with a difference

Some reviews on here criticise that the male protagonist learns that you can just continue behaving badly until it pays off. I think those reviewers miss the point rather spectacularly. They're demanding the formula they've come to expect - no doubt if the movie WAS as perfectly formulaic as they expect they'd almost certainly criticise this too.

Personally, I felt that the male character DOES progress so the criticism is unwarranted on both levels.

Personally, I loved this movie. Woods acting is wonderful and she portrays the naive female lead expertly. All the characters were believable.

It's a lovely rom-com with less than perfect characters and which doesn't force morality down your throat... for this reason alone I consider barefoot refreshing.

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 9 / 10

Tender moments with a fantastic story will touch your heart.

Take all of the innocence, and sweetness of Pretty Woman, and then make it feel real, and you will be getting close to the precious movie that this is. Evan Rachel Wood seems to have gotten younger, and is just so radiant as Daisy who is so like a little child that we meet on her first day in the real world. Scott Speedman is just great as the scatterbrained lead Jay, always looking over his shoulder, and running for the next bit of scraps as his life is slowly rotting away under him. The two come together at the best time for each, and we are taken with them on a sweet and tender journey in which they will both be the cure that the other one needs. To say I Enjoyed this would sell it short. I really loved this movie, and recommend it to everyone. There is a bit of language, and some minor violence. Beyond that you just have one great story with a fantastic cast who are all as real as you could hope for, but that still has a little bit of magic that every story needs.

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