Barney Thomson


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Robert Carlyle as Barney
Emma Thompson as Cemolina
Ray Winstone as Holdall
Ashley Jensen as Detective Inspector June Robertson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Morag Brown 9 / 10

Beautifully shot funny film set in Glasgow

I watched this in a cinema and there was a lot of laughter coming from the audience. One man even laughed at the first line. The laughing continued throughout.

I would have given the film 10 stars but the story is a bit ridiculous. But, since it is comedy, and IS funny this didn't seem to matter too much. The ending was amusing too.

The film is beautifully shot and the acting is 1st class. My favourite line delivered brilliantly by Emma is "I label everything." And I agree with another reviewer that in the future, this may be considered a cult classic.

Reviewed by Kenny Munro 8 / 10

Hugely enjoyable, uniquely Glasgow

Greatly enjoyed this film. The weakest element is probably the story which is on the improbable end of the spectrum but, as long as you forgive the absurdity of the plot and just go with the flow, it's a thoroughly enjoyable 90 minutes. They could also possibly have done with a little more explanation of the back-story rather than jumping straight in - some might find it all a little complicated especially in the first half hour. The comedy is uniquely Glasgow and the language typically (and authentically!) blue. Visually it's all nicely shot with some of the more off-beat Glasgow landmarks featuring prominently. The acting is great with, as others have noted, standout performances by both Emma Thomson & Ray Winstone. I can't help thinking that Robert Carlyle as Director got better performances out of his other leads than he did out of Robert Carlyle (Actor) - perhaps the double responsibility of first time director and lead actor was a little too much to pull off. Not that his performance was bad, just a little lacking in finesse in places.

Minor criticisms apart, this is a very enjoyable movie and well worth watching.

Reviewed by eryui 7 / 10


This is a funny noir comedy, well made with an excellent cast. I really like Carlyle so I could not be completely impartial.

It is a film that gives you some laughs, but it does not let you to yell to miracle. I don't see it as a cult movie (like could be "The Full Monty" to me) as I have read here in the comments. It needed something more.

The actors and the dialogue are the masters here, but also the scenery, the photograph is taken care of. It is well packaged but the plot is not very thorough, it might have been better use the element of surprise and a few more dialog jokes would not hurt at all too. It is not very exciting and it feel like a little flat.

In any case, the movie has managed to put a smile on my face from beginning to end giving me a few very good laugh.

A good debut for Carlyle as a director with some space for improvement.

It should be 7/10 to me.

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