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Eric McCormack as Terrance Shade
Donnelly Rhodes as Sheriff Howes
Conner Dwelly as Cynthia Shade
Jody Thompson as Leah Shade
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pensacolacomputer 8 / 10

What were people expecting?

I almost did not watch this because of the terrible reviews here. But that's a good thing now, because I went into the movie thinking it was going to be awful when I was pleasantly surprised.

The acting was great, the unknown kids did a great job. The plot was good and original. I am a HUGE horror fan and have never seen a movie like this (and I have watched a TON of horror moves).

I was shocked that this was PG-13. This movie scared the crap out of me, and I am a 37 year old male. I must have jumped no less than 10 times and screamed at the screen several times (about the same amount as when I watched Insidious). However, I do scare easily, but that is why I LOVE horror movies. When going to bed that night I was looking behind doors, turning on lights, etc...

So if you are like me and go into this movie excepting it to be a HUGE let down, you might be pleasantly surprised like I was. In conclusion, sit back and enjoy it for what it is, and what it is is a great horror movie with a lot of scares, good acting, and a good story!

Reviewed by richpurdon 3 / 10

Do you know what happened here?

Admittedly I created this account because watching this left me so confused I'm hoping for answers, this is my first review so please be gentle...

I didn't get into Will & Grace but enjoyed Perception and this seems like one of Dr Pierce's psychotic breaks but without the insight or resolution. I get the premise; recently widowed husband takes kids on the Christmas winter break they both remember from times past and never got to enjoy, but the variables are too many to make it coherent. At a certain point, the story reaches a crossroads and seemingly takes all directions simultaneously. Maybe he's mentally unstable and missing his medication, maybe the house in the middle of nowhere is haunted, maybe he's psychotic and wants to reunite the family. All are reasonable plot lines for a thriller/horror but a story needs to be more than just a beginning. Perhaps I've missed the point, Technically I thought the young actors were good and gave effective, understated performances that did them credit, Eric was (I think) good but I'd give a more informed opinion if I knew what the hell he was talking about. Cinematography was far too dark, far too early and the establishing shots left me as lost as the plot. If anyone can shed some light I'd be appreciative...

Reviewed by J. Davis ([email protected]) 6 / 10

A film using confusion & doubt to creep you out.

Major Spoiler****************The whole film is basically given out by here so Spoiler Beware******************* Frankly the only reason I am doing this is due to the frustration of reading all of these negative clueless reviews where no one can seem to figure this simple plot out. It seems like people either got this film totally or not at all. A widowed father played by Eric McCormack rents a cabin in the snowy mountains along the way they stop at a store for supplies and meet the care taker there(he runs the store) The caretaker has the flu & the dad & his two young children all contract the flu from him. In the first 24-48 hours things go from good to bad as they get sicker & sicker. The dad who isn't used to taking care of the kids because his wife used to do that stuff(but now dead), so he struggles especially when they all become terribly ill. High fevers plague them all & dad starts washing down Clonzapam(same as Xanax) with a bottle of whiskey to treat himself. As his temperature rises & the drugs take affect he starts to become delusional & paranoid. He starts to lose track of time(Clonzapam+Alcohol) and he wakes up after sleeping all night & all day to find out the storm that he knew was coming has buried his car completely, he didn't have the energy to uncover it. His kids randomly drop hints of hearing things in the house and seeing a figure outside so dad's fragile mental state starts to spin out of control with paranoia & fear so he boards up the house completely. They think something is in the attic, they here constant noise up there so he locks the latch to it. Evidently the caretaker came to the house to check up on them & dad in his drug, alcohol & fever induced delusion locked him in the attic because he was the reason his family got sick & he believes both of his kids Lay dead in bed due to the flu they had so he ties him up & puts him in the attic(he blacks out & doesn't even remember putting him up there), thats where the noise was coming from. Also on the way there he hit a large wolf, due to that being in his head it just adds to the danger he feels from the outside. In the end the cops break the door down to find the missing caretaker & at that moment dad finds out his kids were only sleeping & they all get taken away in an ambulance, with the police saying he will be charged for what he did. Everything else in the film is on account of the father's weak grip on reality & his drug,alcohol,stress & fever induced craziness. The only thing unexplained is in the last ten seconds when the curtain is pulled back from the window, that is unexplained, everything else is completely explained, causes & effects, all of them. If you saw a scene that you didn't understand it's because it's being shot by his perceptions, not the true reality, just a fever alone will make you hallucinate never mind combining it with the pills & alcohol. Even though I pretty much knew what was going on it still managed to creep me out quite a bit throughout. It was new original film that used confusion to get into your mind questioning your beliefs & it wasn't a terrible film by any means, the acting by Eric McCormack was good, I had no problem with it. He sold the role enough to show he has lost his head totally. It was well funded & had good production value, TV quality at the very least. I would recommend it to someone as a decent film 6/10

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