Basket Case 2


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SykkBoy 10 / 10

cant compare to the first one - but its very enjoyable anyway

This is one of the few sequels that is actually better than the original. Perhaps the bit bigger budget and better makeup effects are an asset there.

To the poster that claimed this is a "trainwreck" movie. I disagree. If you truly knew your b-movie history, you'd know that Hennenlotter NEVER takes his movies seriously. There is always a little nudge and a wink to his movies. They are equal parts cheese, dark humor and monster movie. they are played more for chuckles and giggles than scares.

SEMI-SPOILERS: This is a fun little movie about Belial and Dwayne (who didn't really die in the first one, rather ended up in the hospital) finding their way to a house of freaks, where they fit in. Eventually Dwayne starts to feel left out and wants to be "normal". He falls in love, as does Belial.

Along the way they get entangled with a tabloid reporter who wants to expose this house of freaks. They also run across a huckster sideshow scammer who's trying to capitalize on a fake freak show (he claims to have the bones of Belial) and of course gets a visit from the freaks.

The babies at the end is a great twist as are a few of the other twists (especially Dwayne's girlfriend revealing why she isn't "normal".

Another cheese classic from Hennenlotter. Rent this along with the original "Basket Case", "Frankenhooker" and "Brain Dead" (Not the Peter Jackson movies that is a/k/a "Dead Alive") and enjoy a Hennenlotter triple bill. I do agree the third one wasn't in the same league as the first one and this great sequel.

Reviewed by alanmora 8 / 10

"This Time He's Not Alone!"

As far as sequels are concerned, this tongue-in-cheek horror/comedy from the original film's director Frank Henenlotter is pretty good. The film picks up right where the original leaves off, has a few characters from the original returning, and just like "Halloween 2" it resumes inside the hospital right after the events of the original film take place. The only problem is that, since so many years have passed since the original, the actors have obviously aged quite a bit so the idea that this is the actually occurring the very same night is a bit over the top but since the film is a comedy it really does not matter. Duane Bradley and his brother Belail are 'rescued' during an attempt to escape from the hospital by Granny Ruth and her grand daughter Susan. They then take refuge in Granny Ruth's house of 'freaks'. This is when things really begin to get strange. The make-up effects are really good and there is just the right amount of humor and horror combined in the design of the 'freaks' that it makes for a highly entertaining flick. Each resident takes on their own personality and even though they later turn murderous the viewer finds themselves not only sympathizing with Duane, his brother and the rest of the freaks, but you will actually find yourself rooting them on as they seek revenge against several reporters from a sleazy tabloid who threaten to expose the Bradleys as well as a sleazy old man who runs a 'freak show' and falsely claims to have captured Belail. The make-up effects and the murder sequences are quite bizarre but highly amusing. All in all this is an above average sequel that just seems to get stranger and stranger as it progresses but will have you both terrified and laughing uproariously.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10

pretty pointless, but fun.

Duane and his deformed Siamese twin brother Belial survived the fall from their hotel window in the original, to wake up in a hospital. While trying to escape from the hospital, they're helped out by a doctor who's called Dr. Freak by her peers. She takes them back to her place but Belial is not alone as Belial finds companionship with the other freaks that live there too. To make matters worse is that their hideaway is put at risk a by reporter who is after a story about the twins.

After being surprised by how good the original was, I was a bit disappointed with this sequel as it felt like a dumb down comic adventure. It's not awful but the charm of the original is lost in this film, with a comedy element (trying too much to be funny) and a bigger budget replacing the raw and gritty feel which made the original a grind house treat. The special effects and acting are a tad better this time around, though I miss the originals funny over the top performances. The plot is really lame and there's hardly any gore to be found. Though there is a lot more freaks this time- but they seem to take back seat to Beliel, as he orchestrates most of the violence while they spectate. In doing so you hope they would get into the action- but they seem harmless and play more towards the comedy side of things. Towards the end there are some comical scenes that you think what the??? Or why am I seeing this??? Its alright I guess, but you could say it's a pretty pointless sequel.


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