Basket Case 3


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bounty Huntress 9 / 10

It's Campy and it's Good!

I love this movie. I nearly wet myself laughing it was so hysterical. I wish they had made more than 3 of these films, because each one just keeps getting campier and funnier.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10

Campy entertaining third and last entry

After going crazy and stitching Belial back on himself at the end of the second film, Duane is now slapped into a straight jacket and kept in a room for months until he's better. After being released by Granny Ruth he founds out that Belial is going to be a father. So, Ruth organises a road trip with her family to the deep south to meet a doctor she knows that could actually help deliver the infants. Although, after the delivery a couple of officers kidnap Belial's babies, which makes Belial incredibly angry and causes the horrific fury we've come expect from him.

First off, a word of warning… it's not a film for the uninitiated of cheap and twisted cinema. Pretty much what we got here is a wayward freak show, which has a charmingly campy appeal. I had to pick up my jaw from the ground, as it's just off the rails! If you've seen the second one, you know what to expect, even if it does up the ante on the craziness this time around. The first film was a sleazy classick, the second wasn't too bad, but this outing I thought was somewhat of an improvement on the first sequel. Only fans of the Basket Case films and that of incredibly wild and cheesy B-films will get something out of it. Frank Henenlotter's "Basket Case 3: The Progeny" is just as cheap and crude, but far more adventurous, with cartoon-style violence and twists that go one step further. Everything and I mean everything is played for wicked laughs. You got the quirky sense of humour and offbeat dialogue, that provides one corny one liner after another. Shoddy looking makeup and cheap rubbery effects actually dazzle, because you seen nothing quite like it, with Belial and his buddies looking okay and at least have different types of personalities and distinguishable features. Plus there's plenty of moments that pop up out the blue, like a musical number and kinky sexual act. But it's those eye popping sequences of Belial's grisly and inventive attacks that just make it so hugely exciting, especially the film's climax, which was a real hoot.

One thing you definitely notice throughout the series, is that when it came to this film there was more of a focus on Granny Ruth and her family of "unique individuals". The brotherly love seemed more drifted, but when those two shared the screen that's when most of best moments occurred. The film definitely felt more childish, but still there was an underlying cruel and ghastly tone to proceedings and the story also has a message about accepting others as the way they are. Just to be open-minded, really. There's some nice homage's from other films too and a rather brisk pace keeps things going. Henenlotter even adds a recount of what happened at the end of the second film to just refresh your memory, but that ending I don't think is that hard to forget when your thinking of the Basket Case films. Surprisedly the enthusiastic acting gets better, but by not much. Kevin Van Hentenryck again fitted the role perfectly as the oddball Duane, even if his character's persona is all over shop. But again its Annie Ross, who steals all the scenes she's in as the determined Granny Ruth.

Stupid? You're right about that, but it's just hilariously demented fun and nothing more!

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Grotesque and pretty funny.

In "Basket Case 3:The Progeny" Belial and his equally bizarre bride are about to discover the perils of parenthood.Following a wild road trip with granny Ruth and her family of freaks,the mutant Mrs.Belial delivers several ugly mini-creatures.Unfortunately the police kidnaps the little critters,which causes Belial to go on a bloody rampage...Frank Henenlotter's "Basket Case 3" is equally disgusting and amusing.It features some extremely funny moments as well as fountains of spraying grue.I can safely say that I enjoy watching Henenlotter's grotesque horror comedies and this one is also a blast.Highly recommended,especially for the fans of "Basket Case" series.8 out of 10.

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