Bastille Day


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Idris Elba as Sean Briar
Richard Madden as Michael Mason
Kelly Reilly as Karen Dacre
Charlotte Le Bon as Zoe Naville
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 7 / 10

Bastille Day

In recent years, Idris Elba has been mentioned as a possible candidate to play James Bond, but after watching Bastille Day, I think that the role of Jack Bauer would suit him better. What that means is that Bastille Day feels like an extended episode of 24, with echoes of Die Hard and a weak political message to simulate relevance. Nevertheless, I found it an entertaining film, with an interesting screenplay full of complications for the main character to overcome in order to obtain information which will take him to the terrorist group which planted a bomb. But, was it really a terrorist group? The answer is complicated, and that's the only thing Bastille Day has in its favor in order to be differentiated from uncountable action movies with a similar style and manufacture. And we also have Elba, who displays conviction and an imposing presence in the leading role, helping us to overcome the improbable situations in which his character gets constantly involved, as well as the forced coincidences implemented by the screenplay to ease or obstruct his mission. The performances from the rest of the cast are adequate, and Bastille Day makes a good use of the Parisian locations, adding a European taste to season the Hollywood formulas exploited without any shame. On the other hand, I don't see the sense of hiring an English and a Scottish actor (Elba and Richard Madden, respectively) to play North American characters. It would have been better to employ European agencies, instead of the worn-out presence of the CIA and its well-known intrusions in foreign territory. But, well... Bastille Day is co-produced by Amazon, so I comprehend the necessity of reinforcing the idea of the United States as a worldwide police which doesn't obey rules, but obtains results. In conclusion, it isn't a very memorable experience, but I can give a moderate recommendation to Bastille Day as a vacuous entertainment with the adequate doses of action and suspense to justify the investment of our time.

Reviewed by mumia-1 7 / 10

A mixed bag

Ever wanted to know what happens when you mix 24, Bourne, Die Hard III, and Luther on a tight budget, and then you spice it all with a little Luc Besson? Then you have your answer right here.

It's a fast paced, no-nonsense action spy thriller, without a single piece of originality. But it manages to present all the borrowed bits and pieces in a way, to deliver a very entertaining experience.

The main character is almost a carbon copy of the title character in Luther, so Elba naturally revels in the role. They even managed to include one of my favorite lines from Luther, the little thieves. Which is funny since the second main character is actually a thief in this. Self irony maybe? The movie never slows down, not for a minute. I haven't seen anything like it for quite some time. There is less Neutral Gear in here, than in Luc Bessson's original Taxi.

Of course you shouldn't expect a masterpiece. The characters are all shallow, and the story is predictable. It doesn't even try to be clever, it just gives you everything at face value.

Reviewed by Amari-Sali 7 / 10

It lacks compelling characters, ultimately disappoints with its story, but helps you can see why people think Idris Elba should be the next James Bond.

Trigger Warning(s): Bomb In Public Place | Hanging Body

Characters Worth Noting

Sean Briar (Idris Elba) | Michael Mason (Richard Madden)

Main Storyline

With the CIA having active surveillance in France, naturally when an American citizen is accused of being a terrorist they try to nab him before the French. Thing is, this would be American terrorist is simply a very adept pickpocket named Michael who stole from the wrong person. Thus leading him to be the fall guy for a group which, at first, seems to be about fueling anti-immigrant sentiment. Though Agent Briar's investigation reveals it isn't something as interesting as that.


The idea of people manipulating anti-immigrant sentiment, especially in a country like France where the immigration of Muslims is a hot button issue, I found to be quite interesting and provocative. For whether the goal would be anti-immigrant legislation, a war, be it foreign or civil, or just plain chaos, being that natives were the catalyst it seemed like one hell of a plot. Well, sadly my optimism was dashed quickly and swiftly as we learned everything was simply about creating an opportunity to steal money.

My disappointments didn't end there, though. Like many others, part of the reason for seeing this film, besides Elba being a decent action hero, was to see what Richard Madden was like outside of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, be it my own mental type casting, or Madden just not charismatic to break out from the role yet, what you get is an adept pickpocket who seems without much in the way of personality. However, I won't fully blame Madden for honestly, from Elba to Madden, damn near every character is shallow and forgettable.

Which isn't to say we aren't told things about them. The problem is, everything we are told is but a quick snippet told by a 3rd party. A method of story telling which strips whatever nuance the character could give their own life, and with no one really seems to want to open up and be vulnerable toward one another, for after all there are bombings and riots on the streets, it turns the film into a generic action movie. For, to me anyway, the only time it felt like people were excited and into what was happening, was when bullets and fists were flying.

Review Summary Highlights

The action of the movie definitely helped push the idea Elba could handle becoming James Bond if both parties would pursue such an idea.

Low Points

The characters are thinly written and the movie is more about the action than anything else. There are multiple roads avoided which could make motives more complex, the characters more complex, and definitely more vibrant, but it seems the easy way is often chosen. Thus leaving us with a borderline mindless action movie.

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