Batman: Bad Blood


Action / Adventure / Animation / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
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Morena Baccarin as Talia al Ghul
Yvonne Strahovski as Batwoman / Katherine Kane
Christine Lakin as Reporter
John DiMaggio as Blockbuster / Tusk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 1 / 10

The New 52 has finally killed the DCU animated universe

DC had the best animated films. Especially the Batman stuff but now.. we get pure garbage. After Flashpoint Paradox (which is one of the best DCU films), it has just been going downhill and not stopping. There was a little bit of hope with Batman Vs Robin and even the animated Suicide Squad movie but after watching this trash.. after watching Batman Bad Blood, I am officially giving up on all upcoming DC animated films. They can wait for Cartoon Network for all I care.

I guess my main issue is Batwoman. She takes up the majority of this film and makes it nearly unwatchable. The people marketing this lame piece of trash knew they couldn't call the movie "Bat-woman: Bad Blood" because no one would buy it. Batwoman is a painfully one dimensional character and boring as all heck.

She is just upset off all the time and seems to only care about herself. In the beginning of the film her lack of training nearly gets Batman killed and thought dead by everyone. When discussing Batman's death, she doesn't seem to care much. On top of that, this stupid movie forces us to watch Batwoman's dating life and her relationship with her father and other things unrelated to the plot whatsoever. And we get to she her lame origin story and it is laughably awful.

Basically, she walks home drunk from a nightclub and almost gets jumped by a few guys but is saved by Batman. After she doesn't thank Batman for saving her, she sees the Bat Symbol in the sky and gets inspired. I wish I was making this up. The last thing I have to call BS on about Batwoman is her fight at the end of the movie with Talia Al Ghul. She goes toe to toe with Talia Al Ghul without missing a beat. Normally, I would have no problem with this but at the beginning of the film we literally see Batwoman having trouble with C-list villains. So I guess that must make Talia Al Ghul, one of Batman's deadliest villains a C-List enemy. Man I hate this movie.

I guess I should actually review this piece of trash, given the fact I wasted my time watching it but I just wanted to give you a little introduction about my history with DC's animated film universe. Anyway, it is hard to pick just one thing that makes this film hard to watch.

This review is getting too long and honestly there is a ton of things to complain about. The pacing of the movie just terrible. The action is okay but the storyline makes you not really give a care.

One last thing, PLEASE STOP GIVING BATMAN A GUN!!! What the heck is wrong with DC nowadays???? We all know they give Batman a freaking gun just for the stupid shock value but OMGoodness IT IS GETTING OLD! I was laughing my booty off when it happened but it was at the end of the movie and I already pretty much given up all hope.

I had to edit the living daylights out of this review because of all the prohibited words used. This freaking movie..

Reviewed by Dan Nett 7 / 10

Good Film with flaws in character-handling.

First things first: this film is good but some major flaws stop it from being among the best of its kind. If you enjoyed the other films DC's released since its universe restarted, this one is definitely a nobrainer.

The pros are definitely good animations with some really strong pictures, crazy ideas and an interesting story that allows some character development.

You could say the film tries to be an action film with story - unfortunately the fusion doesn t quite work. One reason for this is, that the film favors action over story. This wouldn t be as bad, if the protagonists wouldn t turn to punchline-swinging clichés while fighting, just seconds after they had some actually interesting conversations that drive a plot that is supposed to give them depth. This luckily applies a bit less to Batwoman and not at all for Robin.

The second major flaw for me is that I feel like the writers don t respect the motivations, aims or morals of the protagonists. Some other reviews also mention the ridiculously accidental dying of super-criminals. Your protagonists can t kill someone, so Karma has to do justice or what? If Batman would take his code of honor seriously, he had to kick all of them, due to them being unable to watch out.

A last minor flaw for me was Batwing. This guy got some clichéd background and then continued to just being there, well and kick major ass. Maybe he marks the point where the writers didn t have time for more plot, since Batwing really misses some dialogs to make his integration into the Batfamily somehow authentic.

On the bright side of characters there is Robin, who gets just little screen time but I think they got really a lot out of it. I think Batwoman also deserves a character-development shout out, even though I feel like she would have been more plausible if she wouldn t be the clear loser on the "Kick Ass-O-Meter".

I personally feel like if the film had given the story more room, it would be a contender for the likes of Batman and the Phantom. This way it s "only" a good film.

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 6 / 10

Not one of the best

I wasn't very impressed by this one. I like the look of the characters, for the most part. They don't sport the enormous jaws that a lot of the animated superheroes have. That's perhaps the best thing I can say.

The movie was OK, but not great.

The fighting and action didn't really look that good. Especially the fighting, was just too quick, lacked any real impact. The story is, well, it's OK. The voice acting was decent, but nothing special.

Some of the animation was a little sloppy, I caught a few mistakes here and there, but nothing too serious though.

Too many of the heroes are just normal people, with all kinds of gadgets. Now, that can be cool, but it was just a little too much for my taste. When characters can fly because of some kind of technology, I just don't like that. Also holograms are stupid.

A lot of these animated superhero features have a lot of cool stuff in them, awesome scenes, cool characters, but Batman: Bad Blood just lacked stuff that make you go: awesome!

With that being said, lots of cred and respect to the animators! I know how much work it is.

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