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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
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Susie Abromeit as Amanda
Joey King as Kirsten
Michelle Rodriguez as TSgt. Elena Santos
Bridget Moynahan as Michele
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Harrison 7 / 10

Black Hawk Down... with Aliens

I saw this film the other day, and I actually really liked it. It was exactly what I expected (maybe a little better). If you want to watch a really well thought out film with lots of character development and interesting subplots this is not the film for you. If you want to watch a bunch of U.S. Marines beat the tar out of invading spacefreaks, then this is the film for you. From when we first encounter the aliens to sometime in the middle, the movie is a nonstop thrill ride. Stuff explodes, aliens get splattered, humans get burned by lasers. In case you didn't already suspect, this film is very violent. Although there isn't a lot of blood, there are certainly a lot of deaths. The action is unpredictable and zany. One minute everyone will be walking somewhere between point A and B, the next, they're crouching behind burned out cars and houses as aliens pour ungodly hellfire onto them from above. The special effects were also quite good, with the exception of a couple bad animations here and there. That being said, the movie suffers when it slows down. The dialogue is poorly written, and delivered decently, but not well. Aaron Eckhart however did a wonderful job as a stony faced marine staff sergeant who keeps a cool head when under fire. Most of the storyline is pretty standard war movie/alien invasion stuff. You know, when after a bunch of fighting everyone gets discouraged and then the leader gives a big motivational speech and the inspirational music plays and everyone feels heroic.

So don't expect a masterpiece of modern cinema, expect alien guts and lots of shooting and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by johnhehir72 4 / 10

Poor Effort

Poor character development and a worn out storyline make this a very forgettable film. I really didn't care who or when the next death would be. I probably wouldn't mind as much if at least one of the characters had been an annoying ass but it seems everyone was a hero, which ends up making nobody the hero.

I had no sense of dread from the alien invaders. In fact, if they had changed the aliens to an invading human army I think the film would have worked better. For all the special effects, the aliens might have well been cardboard cut-outs. It wouldn't have made them less interesting.

I came away from the cinema feeling like i had just watched a rather long advert for the marine enlistment division.

Reviewed by csteele1 9 / 10

Low expectations were exceeded

I saw the movie trailer so I really didn't expect anything more than an entertaining B rated science fiction flick. No need for spoilers (again I saw the trailer). It was a pleasant surprise.

I actually saw a VERY entertaining kick @$$ A-/B+ rated science fiction movie. The plot was in the realm of possibility, given the circumstance. The characters seemed plausible, given the range of the actors. The action kept me on the edge of my seat. All good signs.

Personally, we need more science fiction movies. If you agree, and you don't require perfection in EVERY film viewing experience -- go see this movie.

Take it at face value and enjoy it.

I did.

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