Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome


Action / Sci-Fi

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Tricia Helfer as Humanoid Cylon
Luke Pasqualino as William Adama
Ty Olsson as Osiris Helmsman
John Pyper-Ferguson as Xander Toth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nemod12 10 / 10

BSG back again and strong

First of all i want to say how thrilled i am that they got lift off with this show.

As a fan i am prejudged of course, but the first episode promises very much. It has a good atmosphere around it.

With David Eick and Bear McCreary mixed in the soup in this show, it will be without a question of a doubt very top notch.

The acting is solid, the CGI is staggering. It was a little getting used to, to the new William Adama. That's just personal, because i liked the small role of the old actor who played in the minisodes very much. His eyes in the cockpit of that viper, that one moment(the fans know what scene i mean), they where so very alike those of Edward James Olmos . But after seeing this spin off it's long forgotten.

I am hooked again.

Just one thing. Please don.t cancel this one!!

Reviewed by michael-knighter 10 / 10

A very well done prequel

Still saw the new Battlestar Galactica series approx. 4 times. And still impressed! Perfect actors, good cgi and a terrific story.

So. Now i was waiting for this new episodes and read all about it. Yesterday i saw now the first 6 episodes. And guess what? Fantastic. Breathtaking. Perfect.

I love the new story. The actors are great and also storyline is very good for a first episode. CGI are a little bit too much. Lensflare as its best. But who cares.

All in all. I would recommend this new series for every Battlestar Galctica Fan.

I've you loved the new Battlestar series you will also love Blood & Chrome.

So say we all....

Reviewed by compguyinslc 10 / 10

Love this, hate SyFy.

I love this and think it's a fantastic start too what could have been another great series, but wait, enter SyFy so they can over-think it again. I love Caprica, I loved BSG, and I love this and I cannot believe the intellectual void that would not put this on the air, in favor of plenty of wrestling, what does wrestling have to do with Science Fiction anyway? Would someone please help me understand that one.

Anyway, I am rambling, and my review is becoming pointless. Please SyFy, if you have an ounce of intelligence, don't wave this one under our noses like you did Caprica and then yank the carpet out from underneath our feet.

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