Before I Wake


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 21606


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Kate Bosworth as Jessie
Thomas Jane as Mark
Scottie Thompson as Teacher
Annabeth Gish as Natalie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phaylen 10 / 10

Original, Beautiful Film- Not What You Expect

I scored this a 10. Let me tell you why:

Rarely does a film surprise me at all but this film certainly did. Mike Flannigan created an enigmatic speculative on childhood love, loss, fear and death that is both uniquely interpretive and otherworldly fantastical. For those who go into this film anticipating a run-of-the-mill horror film with gruesome effects and bloody deaths, you will be exceedingly disappointed. This film is provocative in that it makes you think and feel throughout. It is at times vastly uncomfortable, but magnificently redemptive. What it achieves is a rare feat- one I would classify more in the realm of Pan's Labyrinth than something like The Ring. What it suffers from is completely misdirected and misleading marketing which has done this gem a huge disservice.

I'd watch it again. I'd recommend it to friends. Refrain from judging it based on the posters or the trailer. It's far greater than it's packaging and will probably be better received by audiences who expect more substance.

Reviewed by Sjalka Rjadottir 7 / 10

i liked it

This is a very "nice" suspense/horror movie - with a satisfyingly good ending that explains and ties things together neatly. As with most horror movies - i went in without too great an expectation and was pleasantly surprised that i really liked it.

This movie may be a little bit too soppy or "nice" to be classified a real horror movie.

It does not rely much on jump scares. Actually it uses scares only sparsely - and instead goes with story and mystery. The roles of the foster parents are actually nicely done and acted. They are a lot less clichéd than countless other "typical foster parents in suspense/horror movies".

Special effects were alright but not too great - i would have loved to see more practical effects, because the CGI kind of made it look like a rather cheap computer cut-scene sometimes.

All in all - recommended - but not if you are looking for a real scare. Personally i d rather classify that movie as a fantasy story with scare elements.

Reviewed by tre_in_tdot 4 / 10

Failed to deliver satisfying conclusion,here's why..(Long review)

I thought this movie was very interesting I was right into trying to unravel the3 mystery, gave me a similar vibe like when I first watched the sixth sense, in that I was waiting for a totally unexpected and cleverly planed ending, like when Bruce Willis was the dead man the whole time, those type of films whether horror, thriller, drama are very few and far between, majority of mainstream films are dull and easily predictable, that is why the sixth sense in my is one of the best written movies I've ever seen. The way it was written with such a satisfying and thought provoking ending had me thinking about it for weeks after which has not happened with any other movie. I should add that there may be others out there, and I'm by no means the type of person who watches every movie. The Sixth Sense,was written like a true puzzle that I could not solve, until the unexpected dramatic and satisfying conclusion, which rarely happens in main stream movies. As I said I watched Before I wake and it had my full attention;which rarely happens by the way, I was truly thinking this was going to deliver a twist or unexpected conclusion as to what really happened to the boy or his current foster family. Was he dead? were the foster parents and the boy all dead looking for some kind of answers in there unrest? living in some kind of afterlife dreamland unknowingly? The canker man is actually the boys manifestation of his loving,sick dying mother who had cancer,and he related it to a monster, hence the name 'canker' as he was just a child and wasn't able to fully grasp the concept or read. At this point I thought to myself "wow this is actually a great and cleverly thought out way of showing how cancer literately eats those we love, and how it is a evil monster(metaphorically) speaking of course, that takes away "eats" people, like we see the monster slowly absorb its victims. I started unraveling the story in my head and said, wow that is a unique and interesting way to explain the reality of cancer and how it eats people until they are shriveled and frail, this was going to be a clever and hard hitting story about how cancer metaphorically "eats" and ultimately leaves its victims looking like "monsters" from a child's perspective,after its wrath. I thought it was going to say the boys mother, step father, bully, were in fact actually eaten, by the hideous real life monster everyone knows by the name of: cancer, from the perspective of a child as he sees cancer as a real monster. Now that would have made this a 5/5 for me, story telling and entertaining and mysterious puzzle all in one. However, Before I wake lacked to deliver any ending, felt as if the writers kind of had a great idea, just didn't quite know how to deliver a good conclusion, as if they said this is good enough, lets just put it out there, a dull ending with no real twist or revel. This could of been great, and it was for the majority of the movie, until the boring and unsatisfying, dull ending. What seemed like a sure firecracker of a movie, however, its inability to deliver any hard hitting explanation or thought provoking twists,made this film a dull and boring dud.

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