Behind Enemy Lines


Action / Drama / History / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 90835


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Owen Wilson as Lt. Chris Burnett
Gabriel Macht as Stackhouse
Gene Hackman as Admiral Leslie McMahon Reigart
Sam Jaeger as Red Crown Operator #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nf_utvol 7 / 10

Unrealistic, but Fun

Sure, this movie is unrealistic, slightly jingoistic, and not exactly Dr. Zhivago when it comes to a deep plot, but it's fun to watch. I'm a serious student of the military studies in a professional sense, and I fully realize that the technology (especially the missile chase) and doctrines are unrealistic, but I am also capable of suspending my critical eye when I just want to sit back and enjoy an action flick. I'll save the brain power for something that actually matters, not for a movie, which is just another form of escaping from real life for an hour or two. So yeah, this movie gets a thumbs up for a fun film to sit back and enjoy the surround sound and big screen TV while chomping on some popcorn and a Coke.

Don't a movie seriously that isn't supposed to be taken so seriously!

Reviewed by imdb-583 1 / 10

Incomprehensibly bad

I'm sure there have been worse movies made. I just haven't seen them. Even if you are not looking for an intelligent handling of international politics, and don't care about the horribly jingoistic attitudes portrayed, I think it is still difficult to fathom how this movie could be enjoyed. Action sequences are never resolved, they just **SPOILER WARNING** end with the main character miraculously transported to another location. It is unfortunate that the U.S. military can not extend the range of its transporters to actually get characters completely out of the battle zone, instead of a mere few hundred yards.

The rest of the world mocks America because of movies like this.

Reviewed by Isolated_Bastard 1 / 10

In Hollywood There Are Some Lines You Should Never Cross...

I first saw this movie with a few buddies who had rented it on a Saturday night, and thought I'd join in. Now, if this had been a spoof of American War movies, it would've been great. Only problem is that it isn't a spoof; it's dead serious.

The huge number of goofs and mistakes aside, this movie offers little in the ways of storyline and character development. You really couldn't care less if Wilson's character lives or dies, and Hackman doesn't really get anything done until the end of the movie (which is ridiculous to say the least!).

Now, the thing that really breaks this movie, is the aforementioned goofs and mistakes. As I mentioned, if this movie had been a parody on American war/action movies I would've loved it, because all of the goofs actually make you think that it IS a parody! But considering the fact that it's a glorified, super-patriotic, default American war hero running around facing all kinds of problems, it all seems like a moral boost for the newly attacked America (my sympathies for all who were affected by 9/11 by the way...): The hero is a handsome, blond, all-American guy (they could've added that he was a star quarterback and we'd have the complete package) who faces irredeemably evil Serbs/Bosnians/Whatevers (we never really get to know...) and has to face the hazards of traversing unknown territories. It all seems the typical Hollywood action/war...


The fact that the entire navy administration doesn't send in a rescue team until the very end is a bit silly. Also, scenes like the minefield where Wilson's character is chased by two soldiers and runs straight through the trip-mines (where he is unhurt by the explosions, one of the soldiers step on a mine that kills both him AND his buddy standing 10 feet away!), And the ending in which he's shot at by a HUGE amount of soldiers (including tanks...) and manages to get out unhurt (note also that three half-as*ed choppers take out a lot of that army without getting shot down...). And let's not forget when he runs up a hill while being shot at, and the bullets keep on following him while he's running down the other side!


So, all in all, as a war movie it's horrible Hollywood junk that falls flat on bad acting, terrible script and major goofs! As a parody on action/war movies though, this could go far! If they'd only put those weaknesses to good use...

Many will try to save the movie by claiming that "It's not supposed to be realistic!". I, however, feel that war is bad enough to be taken seriously, and not turned into a stupid glorification like this, where one man can beat an entire army (and considering how incompetent the Serbs/Bosnians/Whatevers are portrayed as in this movie, I'm surprised that no one took offense!). Just like "Titanic", it undermines the very issue at hand, and deserves to be forgotten for that.


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