Behind the Wall


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Lindy Booth as Katelyn Parks
James Thomas as Drew Cabot
Lawrence Dane as Father Hendry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 4 / 10

Not Really Worth Your Time

I'm going to make this review as short as possible. It's bland. And that's really all you need to know. Not scary, not really very suspenseful, and certainly not gripping. I found myself far more interested in my telephone than with this movie. The video quality was fine, the acting was decent... it just wasn't particularly interesting. If this had been a made-for-TV movie, people would be turning the channels. It's not even so bad it';s good, it's just... well... blah. This is as vanilla as it gets.

I'd like to say something nice about the film, but I just can't. My friend thought the lead actress was cute... but I don't even agree with that. So, um, I got nothing.

Reviewed by ichocolat 5 / 10

Blah ..

This film is more of a thriller than an horror film, in my humble opinion. It is only horror in the fact that the dead is going around killing everyone he found in sight. But as far as horror film goes, this film didn't fall in the category.

This film is slow, predictable (except for the ending in which the audience found out that there really was ghost), and a lot of talking.

This film is about two property developers who wanted to develop a suburban in which the haunted firehouse is located. And of a lady who received a letter asking her to come and join the discussion in the town council.

Things develop and they found themselves entwined in a 'mystery' and they have to act in order to 'survive'.

No climax whatsoever, but this film does deliver in giving shills to the audience in some of the moments.

And the soundtrack give good feel to the development of the story.

A score of 3 for this film.

Reviewed by BronzeKeilani26 2 / 10

Horror and thriller??! NOT!

There was NOT one intense moment to this film. Matter of fact, the actors weren't even scared! No pulse-gripping or jaw-dropping parts, no suspense, no shock, no yelling at the nothing. It was as suspenseful as watching a maggot squirm out of a rotten apple and as interesting as watching a stray cat dig through my garbage, seriously. I read somewhere where 2 ppl said this movie was a good watch, no sir. I had to keep stuffing my mouth to stay awake while everyone else dozed in & out of the film. The acting by James Thomas, who played opposite of Lindy most of the time, was so dry and bad that I actually felt sorry for the pretty red head actress, whom at least put up effort on some parts. Unfortunately though, her acting wasn't consistent, creative or powerful enough to carry the film. Lawrence Dane, who played Father Hendry, proved to be a professional actor and convincing. The acting by others & the storyline was dry & shabby for even television, and I don't know how to make it any clearer than that. Matter of fact, the synopsis I wrote is more interesting than the film itself. I hung in hoping it would kick into high gear somewhere down the line. It never did. And, the blood on the bodies came from long scratches. That's it, that's all folks. If you have a weak-stomach, this is not going to faze you. One huge plot hole was in the main plot. The killer ghost who ended up killing ppl w/ cat, claimed he was 'innocent' of any crime when he himself was murdered. That was suppose to be the clincher & his lame excuse for clawing a few ppl to death, which we don't get to see until someone finds them. Everyone living ends up sympathizing w/ him, "yet" everyone seemed to forget, once he's died he became a pain in the arse murderer!

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